CURT DAY, Frankfort, Indiana

Inducted 1969

Player: Curt Day was one of the best horseshoe pitchers ever to play the game.  He consistently had a ringer average in the mid-eighties in all tournaments he entered.  He was Indiana State Champion in 1953, 1955, 1957 and 1959 through 1968, and won the title 18 times overall.  He won the Midwest “Ringer Round-up”, one of the large open tournaments, 10 times out of the 13 times he entered.  He started pitching in the World Tournament in 1956.  In 1957 at Murray, Utah, he pitched the great game with Ted Allen, losing 50-49 with 155 ringers in 174 shoes for a ringer percentage of 89.0%, including 69 doubles and 54 four deads.  Allen also had 155 ringers.  Curt won the World Championship in 1966, 1971 and 1974, and five times finished in 2nd place, with a career average of over 80% in his 17 Championship appearances.   Day was also elected NHPA Vice President in 1957.  Curt Day passed away December 4, 2004.