FRANK ELLIS COBB, Aurora, Illinois

Inducted 1970

Organizer: Ellis Cobb earned a firm place in history by his outstanding contribution to the game as editor of the Horseshoe Pitcher’s News Digest.  He began producing the Digest in 1956, and growth in membership can be attributed to the publication.  He remained editor of the Digest for 32 years, through 1988. 


Ellis was presented a lifetime NHPA membership, the Presidential Award in 1987 and the Stokes Memorial Award in 1962.  A fitting touch as it was Arch Stokes, while serving as NHPA President, who summoned Ellis to become the new editor replacing Byron Jaskulek, as editor of the Digest.  Ellis served as Illinois Association as Secretary for over 30 years and had many other efforts in service to the sport.  


He posed as a model for several companies in their making of figurines for horseshoe pitching trophies.  He was instrumental in getting the Championship Horseshoe series on NBC television in the Chicago area in 1956.  Ellis Cobb passed away June 15, 1994, at age 84.