JACK CLAVES, SL Louis, Missouri

Inducted 1991

Promoter/Organizer: Jack Claves was a horseshoe promoter from the early 1930's until his death in 1946. More than once he had Fernando Isais and Ted Allen stop in the St. Louis area for shows and pitching exhibitions. He ran the St. Louis Municipal Horseshoe league for many years. As an occupation, Jack was caretaker of a large cemetery called Sunset Burial Park. He coined the popular phrase we all now use as "4-Dead" when he used to say, "four dead for Sunset Park."

Jack was in demand as a dinner speaker and emceed at several World Tournaments. He declined the NHPA presidency in 1935. Jack was elected vice president in 1939. at the same convention, Leroy Page was elected president. It was later learned that Page was not even a member of the NHPA, so Jack served as President until the 1940 convention.