CLETUS CHAPELLE, Portland, Oregon

Inducted 1981

Promoter/Organizer: Cletus Chapelle of Portland, Oregon started pitching in 1925 and pitched in his first State Tournament in 1928 at the age of 16. He played for the next few years and competed against Ted Allen in the 1932 State Tournament, won by Ted. Cletus was fairly inactive for the next few years, getting married, starting regular employment and starting a family. He returned to the game in the late 1930's. Cletus helped found the Northwest Tournament in Yakima and pitched in more tournaments than any other west coast player. For many years Cletus was a Portland Club and State Association officer, then was elected NHPA Vice President in 1953 and in 1957 was elected NHPA President. Chapelle won four Oregon State Championships ( 1941, 1943, 1947, 1955) and six times qualified for the Men's Championship Class at the World Tournament. In 1954, Cletus finished in 10th place, pitching 71.2% ringers. He was Ted Allen's opponent as Ted set the World Tournament record of 72 straight ringers. Speaking of his family, his son Barry is also in the Hall of Fame and his daughter Vicki, is also a Hall of Fame inductee, winning more Women's World Championships than any other women pitcher. Cletus passed away November 25, 1983