BARRY CHAPELLE, Portland, Oregon

Inducted 1993

Promoter: Barry Chapelle was born May 21, 1942, and it is understandable that Barry had a long and productive horseshoe pitching career as he come from a true horseshoe pitching family, his father Cletus is in the Hall of Fame and as is his sister Vicki.  He began pitching at an early age and entered World Tournaments as a Junior pitcher back when the events were held at Murray Utah.  Barry qualified for the Men’s Championship Class twice, 1985 and 1988 and won the Oregon Men’s State Championship in 2001.  However, promoting and service is Barry’s contribution to our sport.  He participated in all the support duties at World Tournaments for four decades (1973-2002), served as regional Director for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and emceed the NHPA Awards Banquet from 1986-1994.  He was elected NHPA 2nd Vice President in 1984 and held that office for 10 years.  As VP he chaired the Hall of Fame Committee for part of the ten years and then headed up the Rules Committee for the remainder of the ten years.