BOB CHAMPION, Boulder, Colorado

Inducted 1997

Promoter: Bob was born October 13. 1917 and became one of the premier promoters of our sport.  In 1982, Bob initiated the Colorado Hall of Fame and then became its curator.  In 1986 Bob was appointed NHPA Publicity Director and served in that position through 1999.  He soon organized a press headquarters at each World Tournament, including a daily news bulletin.  In early 1981, Bob together with John Huntzinger, started a publication called the Double Ringer.  That publication continues to be one of the best charter newsletters and has a nationwide subscription list.  As Publicity Director, Bob contributed the “Charter Chatter” series in Newsline.  Bob was recipient of the Stokes Memorial Award in 1986. 


In 2006, Bob was the oldest class champion at the NHPA World Tournament.  At age 88, he was Elder Men 30’ Class J champion and earned a spot on the cover photo of Newsline.