SOL BERMAN, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Inducted 1986

Player-Organizer: Dr. Sol Berman was born September 21,1912 and pitched horseshoes for over 60 years.  He was New Jersey State Champion 9 times, won the AAU Doubles Championship with Al Cherry in 1976, and was the U.S. Army Champion in 1943.  He also was the Elder Men’s World Champion in 1983.  Sol served the New Jersey Association for many years as President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer and was instrumental in forming the Middlesex Horseshoe Club which hosted the 1971 World Tournament and the AAU national Championships.  In 1982 Berman wrote the section on horseshoe pitching for the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine.  He also wrote articles for the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Women’s Sports, and Sports and Athletes.  Sol served the NHPA in many capacities, as Chairman of the Publicity and Promotion, spent years advocating for the ‘true cancellation’ scoring, and for over 4 decades he filmed players and Hall of Fame inductions, which have been converted to modern CDs and play in our Hall of Fame exhibit.  He received the Stokes Memorial Award in 1882.  Sol passed away April 28, 2003.