ELMER BELLER, Bellflower, California

Inducted 1967

Organizer: Elmer Beller was born in Nebraska in 1890 and moved to California in 1925 and began pitching horseshoe in 1948.  He served as NHPA Vice President and NHPA Secretary-Treasurer for a combination of 20 years, and President of the Southern California HPA for 10 years.  He was President of the Long Beach Horseshoe Club for 10 years.  He designed the first scoring devices used in World Tournaments.  They were used from 1951 through 1959 in Murray, Utah.  He attended 18 consecutive World Tournaments, working long and hard at each to help ensure their success.  Beller was the first recipient of the Arch Stokes Memorial Award in 1958 and served as a member on the initial Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  Elmer passed away September 14, 1974.