REINHARD BACKER, Salt Lake City, Utah

Inducted 2005

Promoter-Organizer: Reinhard Backer was born May3, 1913 in Dornum, Germany.  He moved to the USA with his parents at age 11 and enjoyed a career as a baker.  He became involved in the sport when his son Gary was invited to pitch at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.  In time, Reiny became Salt Lake City Club President, served as Regional Director, and then was elected President of the Utah Association, where he served for ten years.  He was elected NHPA President in 1959 and may be the only non-pitcher ever elected as President.  At that time, he worked to have the World Tournament begin to rotate around to different states.  After 11 consecutive years at Salt Lake City, in 1960 the World Tournament was held in Muncie, Indiana.  He was awarded the Stokes Memorial Award in 1966.  Reinhard passed away in 1978.