Inducted 2015

Historic Era Player: Anthony became interested in horseshoe pitching in 1962 (at Age 47) when the World Tournament was held in Greenville.  Four years later he was playing in the Men's Championship Class.  He participated in 12 World Tournaments and nine times qualified for the Championship Class, winning 151 games, and averaged 75.36% ringers in those tournaments. 


Harold pitched in an extremely competitive era, with 50-point games and 36 player classes.  In his 9 appearances, Harold averaged 2095 ringers and 2780 shoes pitched per tournament.  That is a considerably larger number than today's standards.  Three times, he was involved in the tournaments longest game (and each game was against a Hall of Fame member).  The longest of these games was in 1968 while losing to John Rademacher 55-49 in 164 shoes. 


Harold Anthony was inducted to the Ohio State Hall of Fame in 1981.