Inducted 1981

Promoter/Organizer: Arthur E. Adams, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada was born in Hartfordshire, England on February 5, 1894 and came to Canada with his parents in 1906. He started playing horseshoe in 1925 and won his first tournament in 1928. He won the City of Saskatoon championship from 1931 to 1944 and Saskatchewan Provincial Champion 1933-1944. His final tournament was in 1958.

Arthur held pitching demonstration which included such feats as pitching 2 shoes at the stake with second shoe landing on the stake ahead of the first shoe; Placing a chair over the stake and having a person sit on chair with legs straddling the chair, pitch 4 shoes consecutively making a ringer on each front chair leg and 2 ringers on the stake; placing a 45 gallon drum 3 feet in front of the stake and touching the outside edge of the foul line, he could make ringers 75% of the time; and he could throw 2 ringers on the stake with the two other horseshoes placed on top of the stake and not knock them off.

He formed the first indoor horseshoe club in Saskatoon and Western Canada in 1930 which allowed players to pitch all year round. This club, a 4 court layout, operated continuously from 1930 to 1935. He supplied the materials and labor free of charge when the Saskatoon Horseshoe Club constructed permanent courts in the mid 1930's.

Arthur reported the Canadian news for Harry Woodfield, former NHPA President and Editor. He was inducted to the Saskatchewan Horseshoe Hall of Fame in 1981. Arthur passed away in October, 1989 at age 95.