by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 7

sons for their courtesy and assistance in the compilation and publishing of this work: Theodore (Ted) Allen, the World's Champion; Guy Zimmerman, who holds many of the world's pitching records; Dean Brown, former Champion of California; Mrs. Esther James, the Women's National Champion; Caroline and Charolette Shultz, former women's national champion and runner-up respectively; Mr. Harry T. Woodfield, President of the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association; Mr. Raymond B. Howard, former Secretary of the N. H. P. A. and publisher of "The Horseshoe World", who supplied records and other valuable information. Mr. D. O. Chess and The Buckeye (Ohio) State Horseshoe Pitchers Association; Mr. John A. Gordon, The Exposition Park Horseshoe Club; all the Horseshoe Companies who contributed advertising, and many other persons too numerous to mention.

   Now, fellow pitchers, the playing secrets and methods of all these great champions have been collected for you to study and use in perfecting your game. While you may not apply all of these methods in the exact manner described, you may rest assured, despite a number of slight variations of technique, that you are training yourself along the correct lines. There is no short cut to becoming a good pitcher unless it is being able to acquire and use the knowledge necessary to secure the proper start. This book will give you the correct start and save you much time in improving your game. The rest is up to you.

   The science of pitching ringers ranks as one of the foremost sports in the world today. Play and support this fine game to the best of your ability and all that you put into it will return a thousand-fold in good sound health and clean enjoyment.

Sincerely yours for a better game,

Roy W. Smith