by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 62

   Rule 3. Indoor Pitching-When indoor courts are constructed, the height of pitching boxes shall not be over six (6) inches above floor level. Ceiling height at least twelve (12) feet.

   Rule 4. Sec. a.- Pitchers' Box-Pitcher's Box shall be six (6) feet square, with stake in the exact center.

   Sec. b.- The pitcher's box shall be filled to a depth of six (6) to ten (10) inches with potter's clay or substitute of like nature and kept in a moist and putty-like condition in the stake area. (When boxes are hard surface, as related in Section C, the opening about the stake shall be filled with clay).

   Sec. c.- When the pitcher's box is hard surface, an opening not less than thirty-one (31) inches in width, and forty-three (43) inches in length must be left about the stake as a clay area.

   Sec. d.- Foul lines surrounding the pitcher's box shall be clearly defined and the frame at the front must extend approximately one (1) inch above the surface.

   Sec. e.- Foul lines shall be determined by inside measurement to the rear side of the box frame from the stake.

Horseshoe Equipment

   Rule 5. Stakes-The stakes shall be of iron or steel, one inch in diameter, and shall extend twelve (12) inches above the clay surface with a three (3) inch incline toward the opposite stake.

   Rule 6. The Official Shoe-No horseshoe shall exceed the following dimensions: seven and one-half (7 1/2) inches in length; seven (7) inches in width; two and one-half (2 1/2) pounds in weight. No heel or toe caulks shall project more than one and one- sixteenth (1 1/16) inches in height over all, that is including the body of the shoe. The opening between the heel caulks shall not exceed three and one-half (3 1/2) inches, inside measurement. Said opening shall not be more than nine-sixteenths (9/16) inches from the extreme end of the shoe determined by measurement from a straight edge placed across the extreme ends of the heel. No hook shall project more than thirteen-sixteenths (13/16) inches from inside the body of the shoe. No projection shall be allowed extending beyond an imaginary line following the general contour of the shoe, with the exception of the hooks which shall be no farther than one (1) inch from a line drawn between the extreme ends of the shoe heels.