by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 61

OHIO   JOURNAL                   For                    JUSTICE   -    UNITY
Promotional Agency News
C. A. Benedict, Publisher and State President
Johnstown, Ohio

   Ohio is, and has been known, as the pioneer State in horseshoe activity. We of the Buckeye State H. P. A. urge the adoption of the TOTAL COUNT SYSTEM for National Tournaments with the belief that once it is used and worked properly, it will replace the old cancel system.
   The TOTAL COUNT METHOD is systematic and uniform, as proven by experience in our State Tournament play during the past five years. All rounds start and finish at approximately the same time with all pitchers meeting their opponents under more equal conditions. It also furnishes a complete record as to what happens to each and every shoe, thus placing the game on a more proper scoring basis along with other sports. It benefits all, especially the top flight players and the BEST player always wins. Above all else we feel that this method will create a better State and National Unity because they will be operating under one uniform system. Try it and be convinced. New and improved playing rules are just as important as new playing equipment.
     C. A. Benedict-President
Johnstown, Ohio
     A. B. McCoy-Vice Pres.
839 Main Street
Coshocton, Ohio
     Luke Egan - Secretary
Johnstown, Ohio
     Andrew Stolarik - Treasurer
1612 Tuscarawas Street
Canton 4. Ohio
     D.O. Chess-Statistician
6208 Quimby Avenue
Cleveland 3. Ohio
     Horace Troop-Attorney
Westerville, Ohio
               Grover C. Hawley-Champion
Bridgeport, Ohio

With over two million organized horseshoe players and many times this number unorganized in our Country the future of the sport is great, if given a more favor able National playing and scoring method for all title contests-from the National all down the line. The scoring methods should be voted upon according to their merits; the one that benefits the greatest majority of players is the one to be adopted. The slogan: "Play with the players and they will play with the National" is good logic and should be kept in mind.