by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 60

the secret of their prosperity and popularity. We cannot continue to ignore the laws of progress or our sport will only sink deeper into the mire of obscurity.

   The total-count method should be given a fair trial on a National scale. Both systems could be used and compared for a year during which time the superiority of one over the other would manifest itself. We are quick to change our playing equipment in order to improve our game. Why should we hesitate to adopt a better scoring system? We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Regardless of the method used, the ringer will always remain the predominating factor. Instead of offering a mere $100.00 or so as a prize for the National title, the prizes should run well over ten times this amount, thereby placing the sport on a financial level with its contemporaries golf, bowling and tennis.

   Fellow pitchers, think this over; study and compare the two methods for a time and then make your decision known to the officers of the National Association! While lack of space prevents further discussion of this subject on these pages, full and complete information can be obtained on the Total-count method by writing to one or more of the officers of the Buckeye (Ohio) Horseshoe Pitchers Association. Their addresses are listed in their advertisement.

(Cancellation System)

   Authorized by the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association of America in Convention Assembled, August 1939. Reprinted by permission of the National Association.

The Horseshoe Courts

   Rule 1. Sec. a-Layout of Courts. -A court shall consist of two pitchers' boxes with stake in the center of each and shall cover a level area over all of ten (10) feet in width and fifty (50) feet in length.

   Sec. b-When a number of courts are constructed as required in tournament play, the stakes shall be at least ten (10) feet apart between courts and front pitching box foul lines shall preserve a straight line across the entire lay-out. Construction shall be made to permit north-south pitching.

   Rule 2. Pitching Distance-The pitching distance shall be forty (40) feet between stakes. Ladies' pitching distance thirty (30) feet.