by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 54

   City, school and juvenile officials heartily endorse the game and state that the clean, healthy, competitive exercises derived from it are very important factors in training the youngsters to become better physical and moral citizens. It is, indeed, surprising to note the number of people who are taking up this sport. From fashionable Park Avenue to the tiny village main street, they can be observed indulging in this healthful and fascinating pastime.

   The fact that President Truman is an ardent enthusiast of the game has helped to publicize it as no other event has done in recent years. Courts have been installed on the White House grounds in our National Capitol and newspaper dispatches have flooded all parts of the world about our President's activities as a horseshoe pitcher. Admiral Nimitz is also a lover of the game.

   The sport is particularly popular at picnics and camping-out parties because it can be played wherever there is 50 feet of cleared ground. Many people take portable courts with them on these outdoor excursions and pitch ringers to their hearts' content.