by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 53

can enjoy this splendid sport and keep physically fit at the same time.

   In this modern and mechanized age, millions of people are confined, day after day, to jobs inside stuffy offices, factories and other establishments of all descriptions. Many of these places are inadequately ventilated, lighted and often unsanitary. The majority of these people ride to and from their work. Due to insufficient exercise and lack of fresh air, many suffer a loss of health. All doctors and health authorities realize that proper recreation is just as important to bodily health as proper diet and sleep.

   Now, anyone who is not a hopeless invalid, can pitch horseshoes and those who are ailing from lack of exercise and desiring a sport that is not too strenuous, will find no better game in the world. Starting the game in a mild way, one will be astonished to learn how quickly he can regain lost vitality and acquire a keener zest for living. Men and women, who are overweight, will find the game to be of great aid in reducing. Walking is recognized by doctors and physical culturists to be one of the finest and most effective of all exercises for keeping physically fit. Plenty of walking is to be had in pitching horseshoes. This, combined with the excellent bending and turning exercises employed in picking up the shoes, will greatly strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles.

   Up to the age of thirty it is fairly easy for most people to keep in trim condition, but once past this age everyone, especially women, need to adopt a program of daily exercise. When the muscles are allowed to become flabby, fat cells accumulate and it is difficult to slenderize the figure in the right places without proper exercise. Starvation diets will not do this and are often injurious. Of the approximate 680 muscles of the body the abdominals are the most important to health and figure. Most of our daily habits tend to weaken these muscles because we are inclined to slump when sitting and walking. The ordinary activities of daily living seldom exercise the trunk muscles. These sag and slacken and not only ruin the figure, but pave the way for constipation which is the source of most of the ills afflicting mankind. If people could only be made to realize the importance of the abdominal muscles, they would strive to keep this muscular girdle in better condition.

   Parents with children who are not enjoying the best of health should encourage them to pitch horseshoes. This will quickly restore their rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. Playing with the youngsters will make Dad and Mother feel better too! Once the entire family begin to make ringers, they will all become ardent enthusiasts. "A GAME A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY!"