by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 5

Science at the Stake

(Revised and Enlarged Edition)


   A great many people take up the game of Horseshoe Pitching without realizing that it is one of great science. Some start by using fairly good playing form but the majority who do not receive the proper instruction, develop one or more bad playing habits which handicap them. Others play day after day, paying little or no attention to their fundamentals and cannot understand why they fail to improve beyond a certain stage. After practicing for a time without much success they become discouraged and lose interest. Unless they watch themselves closely, even the champions sometimes develop certain bad habits which adversely affect their playing. They must be quick to analyze and correct such faults that may manifest themselves during prolonged and tiresome tournament competition.

   The first and main purpose of this book is to acquaint the player, especially the beginner, with the basic fundamentals of the game and to outline the playing methods used by the champion pitchers. Having access to this information will enable a player to avoid numerous mistakes and much unprofitable experimentation, thus assuring him of a more rapid progress. Of course, all who play the game cannot become a district, state or national champion, but they can bring their ringer percentages up to provide more competition for those who are the champions.

   It must be clearly understood that a definite set of rules cannot be made for everyone to follow because each individual possesses his own particular style in delivering the shoe. However, regardless of methods, the basic fundamentals remain the same and must be mastered by all. A beginner can learn much to his advantage by associating with experienced players. This does not mean that he should discard his natural style for that of every champion who comes along. If he does this, he will always be in a state of experimentation and doubt. THE SECRET OF GOOD HORSESHOE PITCHING IS TO MAKE EVERY MOVE AS EASY AND NATURAL AS POSSIBLE. Various rule pamphlets often include a few skimpy lines of instruction, but do not go into sufficient detail as to how or why certain things should or should not be done. While the rules serve their purpose by specifying the equipment