by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 49

will derive from these playgrounds will make them priceless investments.

   The Army has adopted horseshoe pitching as a major sport. It has always been a popular pastime among the soldiers who have fought in all of our major wars. Horseshoe pitching now ranks third in army sports. Our President and Commander in Chief, Harry S. Truman is an ardent enthusiast of the game.

   "The Sport of the Fathers and Leaders of Our Republic" with its many fine traditions and sterling qualities rightly deserves the honor of being placed high on the list of The Olympic Games. The Future Life and Progress of the Sport Depends on the Organization and Support of All of Us Who Play the Game! IN UNION THERE IS STRENGTH!


   All the world admires and doffs its hat to the person who is a good sport. An individual is not born with all the qualities that are embodied in good sportsmanship, for like character and that mysterious something called personality, sportsmanship is acquired only through cultivation and practice. A good sport, therefore, possesses both character and personality; if this were not so, he or she would not be a good sport. A genuine good sport is one who is cheerful, friendly, unselfish, honest, thoughtful, enthusiastic, well mannered, courteous and poised. In addition, he possesses the qualities of thoroughness, observation, concentration, adaptability, knowledge, expression, leadership, decision, organizing ability, and initiative.

   All these are the determining factors that spell success throughout every walk of life. What a vastly different and better world we would be living in today if its peoples and nations would display more of these qualities!

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