by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 42

   Theodore (Ted) Allen broke the record, set by Davis in 1928, by making a percentage of 73.5% at the World's Fair in Chicago, in 1933. Allen is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, champion ever developed. He has done a great deal for the game and established many pitching records. He held the title until August, 1941.

   Fernando Isais of Mexico won the crown in 1941, at Des Moines, Iowa. He won 23 consecutive games, without losing one, during the three day tournament. Allen lost to Isais by a 50 to 46 score to finish second with 21 wins and 2 losses. Charles "Casey" Jones, Waukesha, Wis., was third with 20 wins and 3 defeats. Isais made a ringer percentage of 82.9 and displays the most perfect playing form of any pitcher yet seen in action.

   Ted Allen regained the National crown at Des Moines, Iowa, July 1-5, 1946, by defeating Charles "Casey" Jones 50 to 44. Each man pitched 158 shoes with Allen collecting 139 ringers, including 60 double ringers for a percentage of 87.9. Jones placed second with 137 ringers and 59 double ringers for a percentage of 86.7. Jones is a flashy young pitcher who has been a leading contender since his early teens and will, in all probability, win the coveted crown one of these days.


   Ray Gatewood of the Exposition Park Horseshoe Club, Los Angeles, California, pitched 67 consecutive ringers in three 50 point games with Dean Brown. The games were played Sunday evening, July 7, 1946. Although Gatewood lost his 23rd ringer after tossing it squarely on the peg, he did not miss until he threw his 68th shoe.

   Gatewood, a discharged veteran, is a small, genial and rather quiet fellow who has been affectionately dubbed "Half-Pint" by his fellow pitchers. He has a beautiful delivery and pitches almost as well with the 1 1/4 turn as the 1 3/4 which he favors. He scored 93 ringers out of 100 shoes during this match. Brown, after signing the score sheets, mopped the sweat from his face and exclaimed: "I've been atom bombed!"