by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 40

   From left to right: Guy Zimmerman, expert proponent of the 1 1/4 turn, and holder of many of the world's pitching records.
   Fernando Isais, Mexican wizard, proponent of the 1 3/4 grip and National Champion 1941-46. His name is pronounced "ee-sah-ees."
   Theodore (Ted) Allen, holder of many pitching records and championships. World's Champion 1933-41. Lost to Isais in 1941 but regained the title at Des Moines, Ia., July 1-5, 1946. Allen is, without doubt, the greatest pitcher of all time. He has done and is continuing to do a lot for the game. He is a complete master of the 1 1/4 turn.
   All three men have a ringer percentage of from 80% upward in National tournament play and have pitched from 95 to 98 ringers out of 100 shoes!