by Roy W. Smith published in 1946
Page 19

   The latest and most popular method adopted by the champions is to stand with the left foot 5 or 6 inches back of the right with nearly all the weight on the right foot. In reality, this is a short step taken before starting the left foot forward in the delivery. Starting with the back-swing, the shoulders are thrown forward; the weight remains on the right foot until the start of the forward swing, then the weight is smoothly shifted to the left foot and placed behind the swing. One must develop a perfect coordination of the right arm and left leg, or vice versa, which is essential for a rhythmic delivery. Some experts stand with their left foot a few inches ahead of the right with the toe of the left pointed directly at the objective stake. The weight is supported almost entirely on the right foot. Other good pitchers can be seen standing with their heels together with their weight mostly on the right foot.

   Regardless of the method used, the square stance" should always be observed. That is, stand squarely facing the objective stake with the shoulders square with the court. This makes good alignment become a habit. Don't allow the body to turn slightly at the waist or the swing will be out of line with the stake. The body plays an important role because a certain amount of propelling power is placed into the swing by body rhythm which is coordinated with the swing.


   Technically speaking, a horseshoe is never "pitched," "tossed" or "thrown." IT IS SWUNG! A boxer can never hope to succeed unless he develops the proper kind of footwork. He must be perfectly balanced at all times. This also applies to a horseshoe pitcher. All the experts drop their right shoulder, on either the back or forward swings and bring their body up through with the swing. In other words, it is very much like the swing used in golf; the body goes through with, or a little ahead, of the swing. Bending the right knee and throwing the shoulders forward gives height to the shoe and greatly decreases the effort of swinging it the proper distance. When the knee straightens up to its natural position, the body rises and the weight goes into the swing. Proper knee and body action is very important and must be perfectly coordinated with the swing.

   The step governs the swing and follow-through most of the time. The purpose of the step is to assist the player to keep a perfect balance and to make it easier to swing the shoe. This step should be a natural one and similar to that used in walking; a normal step is usually sufficient to insure ample propelling power