How to put on a
Horseshoe Pitching CLINIC

Get Clinic Specifics
Contributed by Dean Schmitz, who was awarded an NHPA Achievement Award in 2001 for his efforts.
Following the link to "Get Clinic Specifics" will take you to Dean’s website.
This outline, with your own little modifications, will give you an idea of how to go about putting on a horseshoe pitching clinic. Getting started on something seems to be the key to getting things done. This should give you a jump start on putting on that clinic that you've always been talking about.

This is just a suggestion of presentation material and commentary. There are probably more transparencies and commentary than what you will be able to use and still keep your audience interested. Pick out the stuff for a beginners clinic and use it for that. Pick out the stuff for a more advanced clinic and use it for that. After all, YOU will be the presenter.

1. Recruit new pitchers
2. Information for those who "know it all"
3. General information for the public
4. Sign-up for league play
5. Information for those wavering on joining a club
6. Part of your Club's Open House
7. Orientation before your club begins league play
8. Starting a new Club
9. Recreation Department Information
10. (You can add to this list.)


Determine: DATE, TIME, and PLACE to hold Clinic
If inside, have a portable court setup.
If outside, on the courts, have a presentation area with seating, electrical power, and free from the wind. You could use a building for the classroom portion and then go out to the courts for practical experience.

Clinic Staff: Chief presenter, presenter assistant, demonstrators (the "good" pitchers), registrar, fees collector, handout provider, court setup crew (all staff should wear their horseshoe pitching shirts). The chief presenter should definitely be the most informed person on horseshoe pitching "book work".

Gather Equipment: Overhead projector, transparencies for the presentation, video player and monitor, video: Basics of Horseshoe Pitching, a fully equipped horseshoe pitching box, different brands of horseshoes, hooks, and other pitching equipment.

HANDOUTS: The least that a clinic could bring about is "free" information. Make sure people go away in hand with something about horseshoe pitching. Gather and have plenty of handouts about your local club, state association, NHPA, NHPF, where to buy horseshoes and equipment, horseshoe pitching newsletters, NHPA Newsline magazine, and whatever else you can gather and make copies of.

Refreshments and treats are always an ice breaker and gives people something to do when coming in.

Displays: You could also have a display area showing individual pitchers trophies and awards (trophies that no one sees after they are won), different brands of horseshoes, newspaper articles about horseshoe pitching, pictures, and whatever else you may think people would be interested in. Anything to peak their interest.

Advertise: Through your local recreation department, poster fliers, sending out personal postcards, newspaper articles, radio, local cable TV bulletin boards, posting on the internet, state horseshoe association newsletters, word of mouth, and you may know of other sources.

1. Set-up all equipment and make sure it works
2. Set-up tables for handouts, displays, horseshoes and equipment, etc.
3. Register people as they come in
4. Give them "handouts"
5. Take any fees for joining the club and leagues (have applications available for local and state organizations)
6. Make sure everyone has a place to sit or stand and to be able to see the video and overhead projector screens
7. Turn on Overhead Projector
8. (Slide 1) Welcome them to the clinic and the great game of horseshoes, etc.
9. Introduce Clinic Staff
SHOW VIDEO: Basics of Horseshoe Pitching
PROCEED with remaining set of overhead transparencies
END with demonstrations and "guests" pitching on the courts. Answer personal questions by directing them to the proper people.