Shoe and Equipment Sources

NHPA horseshoe playing rules set forth official Horseshoe specifications
Real horseshoes are not used in Horseshoe Pitching...at least not for many, many years. It's just the fundamental shape of horseshoes that give the name to the shoes manufactured for pitching. Each shoe must not exceed 2 lb-10 oz in weight, 7-1/4" in width, 7-5/8" in length and on a parallel line 3/4" from straightedge touching the points of the shoe the opening must not exceed 3-1/2" (plus 1/8" allowance for used shoes). See Specifications 1-a.
Only a few manufacturers distribute shoes through retail outlets (and many of those are "picnic" style vs. the professional style used by most tournament pitchers. The National Horseshoe Pitchers Association's OfficialGame Related Sales Catalog shows over 30 NHPA sanctioned shoes available by mail order from the following primary distributors (also, look for mfgr advertisements on the internet or in the NHPA magazine, NEWSLINE):

Game Related Sales Distributors,