NHPA Sanctioned Horseshoes

Name of Horseshoe Currently Made

1A-MAC Yes
2A-MAC Smooth Yes
3American Yes
4Breckenridge Ringer No
5Cal-Flip Yes
7Champion Series By Baden Sports No
8Condor Yes
9D & B No Calk No
10Deadeye Clydesdale Yes
11Deadeye EZ Grip Yes
12Deadeye NT Yes
13Deadeye Regular Yes
14Diamond Double Ringer No
15Diamond Super Ringer ( NHPA GRS )No
16Diamond Tournament ( NHPA GRS ) No
17Dixon No
18Dixon Victory No
19Durham Double Lockon No
20Durham Lockon I No
21Durham Lockon II No
22Eagle Yes
23Easy Ringer No
24Elmer Hohl Yes
25Franklin Gilt No
26Franklin Sports Shoe # 3216 No
27Franklin Sports Shoe # 3219 No
28Golden Horseshoe No
29Gordon Yes
30Gordon Gold No
31Gordon Legend Yes
32Gordon Multi Grip No
33Gordon Spin-On No
34Grabit Yes
35Greeott Grabber No
36Henton Supreme No
37Henton V-Lok No
38Hi Temp Stay On Yes
39Hummer Yes
40Imperial Classic No
41Imperial MAXX No
42Imperial Original No
43Imperial Plus No
44Imperial Steinfeldt No
45Imperial Stinger No
46Imperial Viper No
47Lattore No
48Lee Bronze No
49M & M Special Yes
50M & M Special Smooth Yes
51M & M Arrow Yes
52M & M Flip Yes
53Mr D Classic Yes
54Mr D with ringer breaker Yes
55Mr D without ringer breaker Yes
56Ohio O No
57Ohio Pro No
58Patriot Yes
59Patriot2 Yes
60Pro Ringer No
61Pro Star Yes
62Python Yes
63Regent Sports # 1 Shoe No
64Regent Sports # 2 Shoe No
65Regent Sports # 3 Shoe No
66Reno No
67Ringer No
68Ringle Single No
69Royal Yes
70S.S. Hugger No
71Shur Shot No
72Simmons–XL Yes
73Six Hix No
74Six Pac No
75Six Pac Sure Peg Yes
76Six Pac Sure Pitch Yes
77Six Pac Sure Point Yes
78Spalding No
79Star No
80Steinfeldt (by Deadeye) No
81Ted Allen Yes
82Thoroughbred Alan Francis All-OnYes
83Thoroughbred Alan Francis BullseyeYes
84Thoroughbred Alan Francis Legacy Yes
85Thoroughbred Alan Francis Signature Yes
86Thoroughbred Bandit Yes
87Thoroughbred Big Foot Yes
88Thoroughbred Brian Simmons Yes
89Thoroughbred Bronco Pro-Flip Yes
90Thoroughbred Challenger Yes
91Thoroughbred Cobra Yes
92Thoroughbred Elmore Yes
93Thoroughbred Glory Yes
94Thoroughbred Glory GXL Yes
95Thoroughbred Imperial Yes
96Thoroughbred Magnet No
97Thoroughbred MAXX No
98Thoroughbred Mustang Yes
100Thoroughbred Pony No
101Thoroughbred SideWinder No
102Thoroughbred Six Shooter No
103Thoroughbred Six Shooter Colt No
104Thoroughbred Snyder E-Z Flip Yes
105Thoroughbred Snyder E-Z Flip II Yes
106Thoroughbred Snyder Flip-Grip Yes
107Thoroughbred Snyder-Watson Yes
108Thoroughbred Stinger Yes
109Thoroughbred Tyson Swinger No
110Thoroughbred Viper No
111Thoroughbred Wave Yes
112Too Dead No
113Trident Yes
114V&W No
115V&W NT No
116Viking Yes
117VIP Yes
118Warrior Yes
119White House GoldNo
120Wonder No
121Yankee Yes
122Zinger ( Calhoun Foundry ) Yes