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Judge Walter W. Lucy, O. W. Anderson, a horseshoe manufacturer. Henry Meade, a well known attorney, all of Kanssa City, the association became a realty. All the horseshoe pitchers in and around Kansas were brought into the new-born association. A constitution, by-laws and rules to standardize the game were adopted, leagues were formed, and the game boosted in many ways such as tournaments and other methods. The men who became affiliated with the first association deserve untold credit; they became active and worked up an interest in the game which began to reach to many adjoining States.
    National tournaments were held each year and a cham-pion of the world declared. As no other organization existed, the winners of their tournaments were duly entitled to the honors. The conventions were well arranged, and many lively discussions took place. Rules were thrashed out, and thanks to the Grand League for their efforts, as they have contributed to the game many points that will forever be a standard for all horseshoe pitchers in the country. The Grand League made many attempts to got the game before the country, but a lack of finances held back the idea from being carried out on a large scale. However, they made themselves known and are to be congratulated for the good they have done the horseshoe game.
    Five national tournaments have been held by the association and all successful; the best horseshoe pitchers in the middle west wore entered. The game was kept alive by these loyal boosters all these years and now they have realized their ambition, to see all the horseshoe pitchers organized into one national organization. No better horseshoe sports arc to be found in any part of the country, they being willing to give up local ideas for the interest of the game. Through the efforts of the Buckeye Horseshoe Pitching Association of Ohio, after several weeks of exchanging ideas, the Grand League of American Horseshoe Pitchers' Association became affiliated with the Buckeye Horseshoe Association, both associations, by agreement, to advance the sport in all parts of the country as a recreation and a pastime, to give to those who follow and love this game an organization worthy of its name.

Officers of the Grand League of American Horseshoe Pitchers' Association
    President, O. W. Anderson, Kansas City, Kansas, 1211 Orville Ave.
    Vice President and Secretary, J. W. Morton, Kansas City, Kansas, 1042 Troup Ave.
    Treasurer, J. Donovan, Kansas City, Missouri.,
    Grand Referee, E. S. Bundy, Kansas City, Kansas, 1622 Virginia Ave.
    Grand Organizer, Wm. Morse, Kansas City, Kansas
    Asst. Organizer, Jack Erwin, Kansas, City, Missouri.