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    Rotation Method- There are several ways to conduct a tournament, such as the rotation method, where each player in a tournament plays each player one game, or as in leagues each player of each team plays each player of the opponent team one game.
    Elimination or Step Method-Each contestant or player upon losing a game drops out and winners play until one is left.
    Each player or contestant pitches 10, 20, 30 or more shoes from the pitcher's box to the stake in the opposite pitcher's box. All points scored within eight inches of the stake are counted as follows: Ringer, three points; double ringers, six points; all shoes within eight inches of stake, one point each; and the 16 players having the highest scores then pitch each other one game of 21 points each, same as in the rotation method, and the player scoring the highest number of points shall be declared the winner.
    Informal Methods-Pitching for accuracy. Largest number of ringers, double ringers or points in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 throws; all shoes must be within eight inches of stake to count. Ringers, three points; double ringers, six points; all shoes within eight inches of stake, one point each. This method is desirable for picnics, county fars and conventons.

How to Conduct a Tournament

    First-In conducting a tournament it is necessary to have posted in form the tournament rules and regulations, date, time, prizes offered, date of closing entries, who is eligible to enter; events, either singles or doubles; entry fee amount, and all necessary information.
    Second-Have the necessary horseshoe courts constructed or use those that may already be constructed: officials such as referee, scorekeeper, groundkeepers, clerk and director of the meet.
    Director of Tournament-To draw up plans for tournament, appoint the necessary officials, etc.
    Clerk or Secretary-Register contestants, conduct drawings and collect tournament entry fees.
    Official Scorer-Keeps scores of all games played, record of tournament schedule and furnishes the newspapers the results of all games.
    Groundkeepers-Keep all stake areas level, properly dampened and crowds back from courts.
    Schedules-A schedule should be drawn up and in the hands of each entry on day of tournament. Any of the methods, such as the rotation or elimination, can be used. The rotation method is proper for all state or county tournaments, but all will depend on the number of days used to terminate the tourney. If there be only two days