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From the Constitution of the Buckeye Horseshoe
Association of Ohio


    Article I. This organization shall he known as the Buckeye Horseshoe Pitching Association of Ohio, and incorporated under the laws of said state of Ohio.


    Art. II. To promote the horseshoe pitching game as a recreation and pastime. To govern tournaments, leagues, county and state, special matches, and conducting of na-tional tournaments under proper authority.


    Art. III. Any horseshoe club, horseshoe association or person within the state of Ohio may become a member of this association by paying the fee and dues named in the by-laws of this association.


    Art. IV.     The officers of the association shall consist of a president, secretary-treasurer and a board of directors, and there shall be as many vice presidents as the board of directors may deem necessary.
    Art. VI-Sec. 1.     The board of directors shall consist of seven directors and all the elective officers.
    Sec. 2. The annual election of the officers and said board of directors shall be held the first Monday in December of each year. All members and clubs in good standing in the association shall be entitled to one vote.
    Sec. 3. The board of directors and officers shall serve one year from the first day of January of each year and until their successors are elected and qualified.
    Art. XI. All tournaments, county-state, or contests and matches held by the association or within the state of Ohio shall be under the rules and regulations as. prescribed by the national association. Any variation from this article shall be classed irregular.
    Art. XIII. No county or state championship titles shall be won or lost in any other manner than in a legal tournament. Otherwise they will be classed as irregular and illegal.

From the By-Laws Buckeye Horseshoe Pitching
Association of Ohio

    Article I-Sec. 1.     Any person, association or club within the state of Ohio is eligible to membership in this association.
    Sec. 2. A club shall consist of 10 members or more. The fee from a club shall be 10 cents from each member of such club, to which a charter will be issued upon payment of the required fee.