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National Rules Governing the Horseshoe
Pitching Game

    Section I-Rule 1. The standard distance shall be 40 feet between the stakes.
    Rule 2. The ground shall be as level as possible. Indoor pitching contestants will pitch into boxes, the boxes not to exceed six inches in height.
    Rule 3. The pitcher's box shall extend three feet on either side to the rear and in front of the stake. The ground thereon shall consist of either clay or sand. If the former, it shall be to a depth of six inches; if the latter, it shall be damped and tamped down. A contestant, when pitching, may stand anywhere inside the pitcher's box. Any pitcher delivering a shoe outside the pitcher's box shall lose the value of that pitch.
    Rule 4. The stakes shall be of steel, one inch in diameter, perpendicular, and extending eight inches above the ground.
    Sec. II-Rule 5. At the beginning of the game the contestants shall toss a coin for first pitch, the winner to have his choice first or follow.
    Rule 6. At the beginning of the second game the loser of the preceding game shall have first pitch.
    Sec. Ill-Rule 7. The shoes to be used must not exceed 7 ½ inches in length or 7 inches in width. No toe or heel calks shall be over ¾-inch in length. No opening between the heel calks shall exceed 3 1-3 inches, inside measurement. No shoe shall exceed 2 lbs. 4 oz. in weight.
    Sec. IV-Rule 8. In four-handed games the partners shall have the right to coach each other.
    Rule 9. Those not in the game are forbidden to coach, molest or in any way interfere with a player.
    Sec. V-Rule 10. No contestant shall walk across to the other stake and examine the position of the shoes before making either his first or final pitch. All contestants must pitch both shoes from the pitching box into the opposite pitching box or forfeit a point to his opponent.
    Sec. VI-Rule 11. Wrapping the fingers with tape is allowed.
    Sec. VII-Rule 12. A regulation game shall consist of 21 points, and the contestant first scoring this number shall be declared the winner.
    Rule 13. The most points a contestant can score in a single game is 21. A pitcher gets credit for the necessary points required to bring his total up to 21, but all ringers are credited to him.
    Rule 14. All games in national tournaments shall consist of 50 points, and the contestant first scoring this number shall be declared the winner. Each contestant shall pitch each other contestant one game at 50 points. The contestant scoring the highest number of points at the end of the tournament shall be declared the winner.