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    Kent-Ravenna Horseshoe Club, Kent, Ohio.
    Wellington Horseshoe Club, Wellington, Ohio.
    Gallipolis Horseshoe Club, Gallipolis, Ohio.
    East Lancaster Horseshoe Club, Lancaster, Ohio.
    Wooster Horseshoe Club, Wooster, Ohio.
    Niles Horseshoe Club, Niles, Ohio.
    Columbus Horseshoe Club, Columbus, Ohio.
    Tri-County Horseshoe Club, Zanesville, Ohio.
    Lorain Horseshoe Club, Lorain, Ohio.
    Hocking County Horseshoe Club, Logan, Ohio.
    Canton Horseshoe Circuit, Canton, Ohio.
    Elyria Horseshoe Club, Elyria, Ohio.
    Hickesville Horseshoe Club, Hickesville, Ohio.
    Geneva Horseshoe Club, Geneva, Ohio.
    Wingfoot Horseshoe Club, Akron, Ohio.
    Non-Skid Horseshoe Club, Akron, Ohio.
    Dover Horseshoe Club, Dover, Ohio.

Article V of the National Constitution

    Sec. 1. Horseshoe and Quoit clubs of a state may organize a state association, subject to the approval of the National Association.
    Sec. 2. Every state association shall be entitled to a vice president in the national association.
    Sec. 3. A state association shall have jurisdiction over all horseshoe and quoit clubs within the state; granting state charters and collecting dues and fees both for the state and national associations.
    Sec. 4. Any club having a grievance against a state association may appeal to the national association.

Article VIII of the National Constitution.

    Sec. 1. A state association shall have jurisdiction over all official county and district tournaments for championships in that state.

Article III By-Laws National Association

    Sec. 1. Any person may enter the national tournament for the national championship by sending his name to the secretary of the national association and paying $1.00 entry fee. All contestants entering the national tournament shall be required to deposit $5.00 with the secretary as a guarantee that ho will pitch the full number of games, as scheduled, otherwise the deposit will bo forfeited to the national association.
    Sec. 2. Prizes shall bo provided. The contestant winning the championship shall receive a gold medal. The contestant winning second place shall receive a medal, and the contestant winning third place shall receive a medal.