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4th Game-May5018
5th Game-May5028
6th Game-May5026
WM. WEIS, Referee.
A. L. HEADLOUGH, Scorer.
    Total ringers: May 107, Palmer 88.
    Total double ringers: May 16, Palmer 11.
    Total points: May 300, Palmer 174.
    The match was pitched in the rain. Attendance 200. Distance 40 feet, in sand; under the national rules; each game, 50 points each.
    Geo. May won the State championship, winning six straight games.

Wilkinson-Bonifant Match, Firestone Rubber
Plant, Akron, Ohio, Feb. 11, 1920

Joe Wilkinson-Frank Bonifant.
1st Game-Wilkinson50
2nd Game-Wilkinson28
3rd Game-Wilkinson26
4th Game-Wilkinson50
5th Game-Wilkinson50
    This match was played the best out of five games, to decide the entry to the national tournament at St. Petersburg, Florida.
    The match was played on an indoor court, in sand. All games under the national rules; distance 40 feet; each game 50 points.
Wilkinson3 2 204766
Bonifant2 3 2318310
    Wilkinson finished second place in the national tournament at St. Petersburg, Fla., February 21, 1920.

Brust-Rowan Match, Summit Beach Park,
Akron, Ohio, May 24, 1020
    Fred M. Brust of Columbus, Ohio.
    Chas. Rowan of Akron, Ohio.
1st Game-Brust50246
2nd Game-Brust50212