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O. Malloy81734786
R. Tyree61727539
Argenbright4 2023626
Peterson3 2027330
Donovan2 2321418
    Rules of the Grand League of American Horseshoe Pitchers' Association; distance, 38 1/2 feet, in clay; ringers counted 5 points. A game consisted of 21 points each. Stake 3/4 inch. A shoe to score had to be within 6 inches of the stake.

National Tournament, Feb. 22-26, 1919, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Fred M. Brust, Columbus, Ohio531367
Dr. Robinson, Poughkeepsie, N. Y477321
Hughie Palmer, Akron, Ohio4212249
Henry Born, Atlantic City, N. J.4113251
Wm. H. Weis, Akron, Ohio4014264
B. Hayes, St. Petersburg, Fla3222193
R. A. Harton, Lansing. Mich3123195
A. Giant, Huntsville, Ala3024165
G. J. Tucker, Detroit, Mich2925250
J. W. Ogden, Kansas City, Mo2925230
G. W. Gunkle, Sheffield, Ill2727144
F. T. Hall, Detroit, Mich2331122
Geo. Vignoe, Detroit, Mich2331135
Robert Corn, Bellair, Ohio1737116
B. C. Snedeker, Asbury Park, N. J. 134188
W. H. Baker, Westfield, N. J.114316
A. D. Morgan, Philadelphia, Pa1044101
Frank Priscoe, Wilmington, Del94554
J. R. Bryan, Detroit, Mich74776
    All games were under the national rules; distance, 40 feet in sand. Each man pitched each man one game, 50 points each game. Tournament was decided by number of games won and lost.
DR. E. C. BEACH, Referee,
St. Petersburg, Florida.

National Tournament, Feb. 23-28, 1920, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Geo. May, Akron, Ohio1200430
Joe Wilkinson, Akron, Ohio1187379
Fred M. Brust, Columbus, Ohio1153412
Jas. Rowan, Akron, Ohio1153347
R. A. Harton, Lansing, Mich1151365
Hughie Palmer, Akron, Ohio1120332
V. R. Grady, Maroa, Ill1106327
Dr. F. M. Robinson, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.1084348
J. W. Ogden, Kansas City, Mo1054290
S. R. Gordon, Victoria, Ill988283