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Horseshoe Pitching in Sunny Florida

    The game of horseshoe pitching became popular in Florida in 1909 among the winter tourists who visit the south in the winter months. There are several horseshoe clubs whose membership represent nearly every State in the Union. Active clubs are located in St. Petersburg, Alonda, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Lakeland and Miami. Perhaps the most active is the Sunshine Pleasure club of St. Petersburg which was organized in 1909 with Samuel E. Clement its first president. The club increased its membership to 600 in 1920. On December 21, 1916, a re-organization took place, with Dr. E. C. Beach as president; from that time on the club took on new life, devoting much to the game of horseshoe pitching. Although the greatest boosters of the horseshoe game in the United States have wintered in Florida, and two national tournaments have been held within the State, no State association has been organized. Horseshoe pitching is one of the leading sports in the State, with a dozen or more active clubs. It should not be a big problem to organize one of the strongest associations in the country. One of the chief drawbacks to such an association is that nearly all those who are active in the game live in the north. Many good pitchers are to be found in Florida, the most notable being Zeke Barns who is 81 years old, and Mr. D. Hayes, both of St. Petersburg. Through Dr. E. C. Beach of St. Petersburg, plans are under way to organize a State association.

Horseshoe Pitching in Michigan
    No State association has even been attempted in the State of Michigan, although there are several good pitchers in the State, Mr. R. A. Harton being recognized as the State champion. He finished forth in the national tournament, 1920. Mr. Harton hails from Lansing. Other pitchers of note are Geo. McGregor of Detroit, Geo. Vignoe of Detroit and G. J. Tucker.
    The game is played in many parts of the State, there being no clubs, tournaments or State association. Everyone seems to pitch for the pleasure in it, many campers around the lake who spend the summer fishing pitch the game. There does not seem to be any real boosters that are active enough to organize a State association although Michigan had as many entries in the national tournaments as Ohio where the game is organized.

Horseshoe Pitching in Kansas
    For many years the game of horseshoe pitching has been very popular in and around Kansas City, Kansas. All small towns and village within one hundred miles had their local champion and horseshoe fans. The State of Kansas perhaps has the oldest organization of horseshoe pitchers in the United States. In the year of 1913 the horseshoe pitchers in and around Kansas City got together