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that at a meeting held in Minneapolis, a State horseshoe association was organized, with the following officers being elected:
    President, E. L. Finney, St. Paul.
    Vice Pres., A. L. Feudner, Hopkins.
    Secretary, B. G. Lieghton, Minneapolis.
    Treasurer, E. O. Nordstrom, Minneapolis.
    Board of Directors: J. R. Batchelor, Duluth; I. C. Christlieb, Hutchinson.

    Thousands of men were organized into horseshoe clubs. Park boards, business houses and groups of men installed official horseshoe courts on vacant lots, back yards, alleys and playgrounds in all parts of the twin cities. Approximately 300 official horseshoe courts were installed.
    Horseshoe teams of four men each were organized into leagues, the same as baseball leagues; about 75 such teams were organized in Minneapolis alone, representing industrial and commercial houses, parks, communities, clubs, etc. Numerous tournaments were planned for com-munities and city wide basis.
    Through the organization of the Minneapolis State horseshoe pitchers' association the following activities have been put through with real success: the issuance of an official hand-book and the organization of horseshoe pitchers' clubs in all parts of the State. In co-operation with the State Fair board and board of park commissioners of Minneapolis, the conducting of a Twin City tournament and a State tournament, besides the developing interest in the game of pitching horseshoes in the State of Minnesota, by conducting State and city tournaments, it has planned to send representatives to the national tournament of horseshoe pitchers of the United States, at Akron, Ohio, August 8, 1920.
    After several months of exchanging data with the Buckeye horseshoe pitching association of Ohio, the rules as were used in Minnesota were changed to meet the na-tional rules which were used in most parts of the United States. Through the efforts of Mr. B. G. Lieghton, secretary, an affiliation with the Buckeye horseshoe pitching association of Ohio was affected May 25, 1920.
    The association has grown to an active organization, being one of the real boosters in the United States. Its one sole object is to assist in the organization of a state association in every State in the Union, and to affiliate into one national association for the interest and advancement of a sport that should have a standing second to none. Its officres are real horseshoe fans, and to them the credit belongs for the interest in horseshoe pitching throughout the northwest.
    The organization though only in its infancy has great prospects before it, and has come to the front with a bid for a national tournament in 1921. Also a handbook with instruction covering all information on horseshoe pitching has been issued which has been well arranged and is a credit to this live organization.