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    Thirty-four Years Old, National Champion of the United States The greatest horseshoe pitcher of his time. His record has never been equalled by any horseshoe pitcher in the world. He won the national title without losing a game, Feb. 28, 1920. at St Petersburg, Fla.

    Two years ago the only shoe Geo. May knew anything about were the kind he wore on his feet. He got interested in horseshoes between the alarms at Akron. Ohio, where he is a member of the Akron fire department. He practiced so much that he became nearly perfect. He beat Charlie Bobbitt of Lancaster, Ohio October 19, 1919. Bobbitt had a big horseshoe reputation. That gave May confidence. He defeated Hughie Palmer for the stale title October 25, 1919, and sailed through the national tournament, coming out a champion. Previously he was a baseball pitcher, which he believes gave him the control he uses in tossing the calks. He entered the national tournament at Akron, Ohio, August 8. 1920. to defend his title. May is the youngest man that ever won the national title.