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President of the National League of Horseshoe Pitchers

Mr. Haynes is one of the best horseshoe boosters the game has in the United States, it was him that organized the National League, at St. Petersburg, Fla. He spent several hundred dollars in the support of the game. He plays the game himself, and enjoys attending a national tournament or big match. Mr. Haynes is one of Akron's big men, being president of the Kenmore Banking Co. and vice president of the Akron Realty Co. Through him the national tournament, 1920, was awarded to Akron, Ohio.

given to the game a real boost, which is appreciated by all horseshoe pitchers in the country. Being an organization only two years old, their work has left a trail of enthusiasm that has spread throughout the country. With their co-operation with all existing horseshoe associations, national, state and local, one of the finest sporting organizations in the country should be the result. Let us trust that the National League will grasp the idea for the interest of this worthy game.