by Art Headlough, © 1920
Page 1

    This history and handbook on the game of horse shoes is aimed to interest every horseshoe pitcher in the United States and Canada. The writer has taken great pains in preparing this book of information for the purpose of standardizing the game as well as to encourage those who never thought of the sport and science there was in this ancient game. As a pastime and, recreation it has few equals. It requires skill and develops both the mind and body, at the same time having all the elements of chance that all popular games have to create interest and enthusiasm. It is the only game where men of mature years and boys can play and enjoy the game equally. It makes men act like boys and boys act like men.
    No doubt there are many imperfections on the subject, and the explanation of some points; how-ever, the writer suggests that any horseshoe pitcher becoming convinced of any changes that should be made, communicate with the writer.
    The following pages are devoted to the horseshoe pitchers in the United States and Canada and all those who are interested in the game; also to encourage putting the game on an organized basis and create a National Association that will be second to none in the country as a sporting Organization. Let all horseshoe pitchers get behind the game and boost, by organizing state associations, holding county-state tournaments and sending entries to the national tournaments.


Secretary Buckeye Horseshoe Pitching Association of Ohio.
August 1, 1920.