This 60 page book is now in digital form here on the NHPA web site for all to read and perhaps discover some of our history that was heretofore unknown to you. Each page is set up as it was in the original document, the font size has changed for easier reading online. Misspellings were left as they appeared back when the document was first published by Art Headlough, © 1920
It is difficult to refer to this work as a history book, as the book was publish in 1920 and the NHPA was not officially formed until 1921, but it is indeed an historic marker for our sport. The book written and produced by Art Headlough, secretary of the Buckeye Horseshoe Pitching Association of Ohio, became the blueprint for the formation of the NHPA. The book contains results of notable horseshoe pitching events up to that point in time and reviews the existence of the sport and the promotion efforts being done across the country. Even though the NHPA was yet to be formed, this work by Headlough, gives us a record that the sport was already alive and well back in 1920.

Bob Dunn, NHPA Historian