Regional Directors Guidelines

ARTICLE I: Appointment.

Section 1
Regional Directors shall be appointed by the NHPA Vice President in charge of RDs, based upon the selection and recommendation of the Charter officers. (See Article VI, Section 2)

Section 2
In Charters where this applies, Assistant Regional Directors shall be appointed by the Charter Regional Director who will then notify, in a timely manner, the NHPA Vice President in charge of RDs of this appointment.

Section 3
Regional Directors shall be directly responsible to the NHPA Vice President in charge of RDs and shall perform those activities requested by this Vice President, as well as other duties described in this document.

ARTICLE II. Duties/Requirements

Section 1
All Regional Directors and Assistant Regional Directors or other assistants to the Regional Directors as chosen by their individual charters, shall be subscribers to the Horseshoe Pitching Newsline magazine, official publication of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association.

Section 2
Regional Directors shall assign all sanction certificate numbers for events that have been approved by the officers of their affiliated charter. The Regional Director shall then deliver or mail the completed tournament sanction certificates, along with the required tournament patches and a copy of the RGS Book, to the designated Tournament Director. If mailed, these materials should arrive at least one week before the tournament begins. The directors of events that are denied a sanction number may appeal this decision, in writing, to the NHPA President, so long as a copy of this letter is also sent to the Regional Director. In such cases, the ruling of the NHPA Council shall be final.

Section 3
The issuing of a sanction certificate certifies that during any NHPA sanctioned tournament, all NHPA rules will be enforced, sanctioned horseshoes will be used, all participants are current NHPA members, and the horseshoe courts are fully or conditionally sanctioned (see RGS Book, pages 34 – 35, Section A, Sanctioning of Courts) (see Note below). Sanction numbers shall be assigned as follows: The first two digits denote your region, the second two digits denote the year, and the third three digits denote the numbering sequence for that year. Example for the year 2011: The first tournament in region 1 would be 01-11-001; the second would be 01-11-002, etc.

NOTE: If a court complex has not been or cannot be conditionally or fully sanctioned by the Regional Director, a tournament sanction number cannot be issued by the Regional Director unless special permission has been requested and granted by the NHPA Vice President in charge of RDs.

Section 4
The Regional Director is responsible for sanctioning all new or updated court facilities when the construction or update is complete. The Regional Director is also responsible for sanctioning or re-sanctioning all court facilities in the charter. This must be done every fourth year, commencing with the year 2007, then 2011, 2015, etc.

Section 5
Regional Directors shall report at least semi-annually to the acting NHPA Vice President, summarizing all regional activities. Copies of these reports shall also be mailed to the Charter Secretaries in their region.

ARTICLE III: Charter Activities

Section 1
Regional Directors shall:
A. Attempt to meet with all officers of the charter and with their Assistant Regional Directors at least once a year to discuss subjects of general interest.
B. Report on all such meetings to the acting NHPA Vice President.
C. Be committed to the purposes and objectives of every State Charter Association in his/her region.
D. Become familiar with and act as an advisor for the interpretation of the NHPA Rules, Guidelines, Specifications, and Bylaws.
E. Maintain a schedule of all seasonal or annual tournaments and other activities within their charters and report this information to the acting NHPA Vice President in a timely manner. The full schedule of sanctioned tournaments in any charter should be sent WITH sanction numbers and the name of each tournament to the current Natstats Director by the Regional Director.
Section 2
Regional Directors and their Assistants shall:
A. Actively recruit new NHPA members, promote the sanctioning of all horseshoe tournaments, and encourage members to subscribe to Horseshoe Pitching Newsline magazine.
B. Attend as many of their charter’s tournaments as possible and attempt to honor specific requests for their presence or assistance.
C. Seek out and attempt to enroll active clubs and pitchers not presently affiliated with the NHPA.
D. Assist clubs and tournament directors in the promotion of their tournaments.
E. Keep all tournament directors informed of current and future events in their areas.
NOTE: The NHPA Council has ruled that any Regional Director may also serve as a State or National Officer as there is no conflict of interest involved here.

ARTICLE IV: World Tournament.

Section 1
Regional Directors shall make every attempt to attend the annual World Tournament meeting of Regional Directors, or provide the NHPA Vice President acting as chairman of the Regional Directors, in writing, with the name of an Assistant Regional Director who will attend this meeting.

Section 2
Regional Directors who attend the World Tournament shall make themselves available to assist the acting NHPA Vice President with the required weighing and measuring of all horseshoes pitched at the World Tournament.

Section 3
Regional Directors and who attend the World Tournament shall make themselves available to assist the NHPA Council in duties associated with the running of this tournament.

Section 4
The Regional Director for the region in which the World Tournament is held shall have the responsibility of sanctioning the World Tournament for that year.

ARTICLE V: Compensation.

Section 1
NHPA Regional Directors shall annually receive $50.00 plus 20 cents per adult member per year within their charter(s), based on the year-end membership report of the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer. A full calendar year must be completed to receive this compensation. Any exception must be approved by the NHPA President and the acting Vice President.

Section 2
Each Regional Director may be reimbursed for telephone calls and miscellaneous expenses when submitted to the NHPA Secretary/Treasurer on an NHPA expense form and with receipts attached. Any large expense items must receive prior approval of the NHPA Executive Council.

ARTICLE VI: Removal From Office and Replacement

Section 1 - Removal
Any Regional Director or Assistant Regional Director may be removed from office for knowingly or willfully violating the Bylaws of the NHPA or for failure to fulfill the duties set forth in this document. It is also understood that Regional Directors may need to be replaced for health reasons, resignation, or death. If it becomes necessary, or if a majority of the Charter officers vote to replace their Regional Director for any of the above reasons, the Charter President shall submit this request in a letter of explanation to the NHPA Vice President in charge of RDs for his/her review and approval.

Section 2 - Replacement
The selection of a new Regional Director shall be made by the State/Charter Executive Council members as follows: The Charter President shall initiate a search and shall provide qualified candidates with a copy of this complete document plus copies of the RGS Book and Bylaws before the selection process takes place. After final discussions and review of all qualified and agreeable candidates, the final selection requires a 2/3 majority vote of the State/Charter Council members. After the new Regional Director has been selected, the Charter President shall submit this person's name and qualifications to the acting NHPA Vice President in charge of RD’s for final approval and appointment. The new Regional Director’s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address if applicable, will be published in the Horseshoe Pitching Newsline magazine.

ARTICLE VII: Amendments.

Section 1
These Guidelines may be amended by a majority vote of Regional Directors and Assistant Regional Directors present at the Annual Meeting during the World Tournament, or by the acting NHPA Vice President, with the approval of the NHPA Executive Council.

Respectfully Submitted,
Deborah Michaud
NHPA 5th Vice President 11/11
379 Hodges St., Taunton, MA 02780-2057