1958 World Tournament
Murray, Utah - July 23-30, 1958

Permission granted by author, Gary T. Kline of
"The Official N.H.P.A. History of the World Tournament 1909-1980", Reflection Press, Dayton, Ohio
Gary T. Kline's book on past world tournament (before 1980) is recommended reading for any horseshoe pitching enthusiast. With his kind permission, we bring excerpts from his fabulous collection of data, to wit:

1958 World Tournament

The big three of recent years was starting to look like the big two: Allen and Titcomb. Isais, once the dominant force of the game, had been rather silent since 1952 and was now more prone to be ambushed by the lesser lights, stars though they all be. In a format identical to the year prior, Allen and Titcomb were top seeded; Allen by virtue of being the defending titlist and Titcomb by the strength of a near record qualifying score of 566, missing Ted's 1955 record by a mere four points. Don was so zeroed in for one long stretch that he delivered 97 ringers in 100 shoes which has never been equalled! Adding more spice was the pairing of Isais and Allen in the same bracket.

Each 18 man group had five rookies. In group 1, Art Dugle, Chicago great, and Roger Vogel, a recent graduate of the junior ranks, started on the road to the Top 100 of all time. Likewise headed in the same direction and standing above all other newcomers in group 2 were Bob West, the greatest in Oregon history, and Floyd Toole, the finest in Arkansas history. Nelson and Roger Vogel became the first father-son combination since the Jacksons in 1935.

In group 2 happenings, Eddie Babush had the infamous honor of being the first player in the history of the World Tournament to be expelled from the courts. This was for unsportsmanlike conduct just prior to his final game. Eddie had only won one game, that against Galpin who was later awarded a forfeit win. Horseshoe pitching, unlike other sports, does not tolerate this type of action detrimental to the image of the great game, let alone at its biggest event.

Now for group 2 pitching highlights: Galpin upset Toole, 50-47. Fowler hit 85.4 percent pounding Nelson Vogel, 51-9. Day went down to West, 50-32 but tossed 85.5 percent while taking Toole, 51-34 in 108 shoes. Toole knocked ofT West, 50-40; Wahlin, 52-31; and hit 86.4 percent while conquering Hall, 50-18. Weeks surprised Day, 51-43 in 104 shoes; shocked Standard, 53-14 next game; and later edged West, 5049. West (90.9 percent) slaughtered Giles, 50-7 and was impressive in easy victories over Standard, 51-12; Dean, 50-35; Fowler, 50-6; and Tamboer, 52-26. Tamboer (88.0 percent) overwhelmed Jennings, 50-7; outfought Toole, 51-46; and mercilessly whacked Eddie Babush, 51-1 while pitching only 66.7 percent. Dean made a strong showing, losing only to Tamboer, West and Titcomb with wins over Day, 50-47; Toole, 50-44; Wahlin, 51-37; and Standard, 54-48. Wahlin made a fine showing topped ofT by stinging Titcomb, 50-39 in the 17th game. Titcomb had 10 games 85 percent or more and a 90.8 percent on Horner. Until the Wahlin defeat, the only time Don was seriously challenged was a 50-46 win over West.

In group 1, Page trimmed Dugle, 54-48. Paxton eased by Dixon, 5549. Elkins toppled Brown, 52-32; Dixon, 53-28; and Paxton, 55-27. Cherrier beat Dixon, 52-31; R. Vogel, 52-29; Paxton, 50-20; and Nebraska champion McCance, 50-32. Anderson hung tough with Isais before bowing, 50-46. Among Dixon's prize pelts were Vogel, 51-49; Brown, 51-26, Dugle, 55-29; and Isais, 52-46. Isais had five 85 percent games and a 90.0 percent, winning over Robinson 52-9. Isais lost to Taylor, 52-45 and Baker, 51-35 besides the Dixon loss. Isais struggled past Brown, 52-46 in 102 shoes; Anderson, 50-46; and then Vogel, 5243 in 124 shoes. Fernando continued his mastery over Allen by a 51-32 score.

Young Vogel looked sharp, losing only to Cherrier; Dixon; Isais; and Allen 50-28 in 110 shoes. Roger tossed 85.1 percent on Anderson in a 51-20 win. Taylor had a 87.5 percent while skinning Page, 51-17. Young Baker won his first nine before losing to Vogel, 52-33 and stood 11-1 after 12 games. Among McCance's conquests were Brown, 51-40; Paxton, 51-32; Dugle, 51-38; and Baker, 50-30. Ted Allen, except for his loss to Isais, made a joke of the semi-finals. No one else cracked the 40 point barrier. Allen threw nine 85 percent games and had 90.5 percent over Marcevich, 50-9; 92.8 percent shutting out Paxton, 50-0; 93.2 percent over Dixon, 52-12; and 90.3 percent over Taylor, 55-6. Ted held Stevenson to a single point in their match. Seven times Allen held opponents under 10 points. Ted seemed primed and ready in his search for an unimaginable 10th World Championship! In the first game of finals, Don Titcomb showed his crown credentials with a 96.2 percent performance while dazzling Elkins, 52-0 Wahlin fell to Toole, 52-44.

After two games the undefeated were Allen, Titcomb, Isais, Dean and Anderson. In tough battles, Dean survived Day, 55-6 while Anderson nudged Vogel, 50-48 in 102 shoes. In game 3, Toole tumbled Dean, 52-28 and Titcomb dumped Anderson, 50-14. After four games, the big three of Allen, Titcomb and Isais stayed tied. After five games, they remained equal and Tamboer withdrew from the meet. In game 6, Titcomb was bushwhacked by Baker, 50-34 in 120 shoes. Now only Ted and Fernando were deadlocked. After seven games, they remained even. In game 8, Isais won easily. Meanwhile Allen was fighting for his life. In another great classic with Curt Day, Allen escaped with a 50-49 thriller. In game nine, Allen won easily. Fernando was hooked up with Louis Dean. In Isais' first real challenge of the finals, which lasted 124 shoes, Dean succumbed 50-39. In game ten the unbeaten leaders dared not look ahead to their 11th game showdown or look behind where Don Titcomb, who had yet to play the leaders, lurked with a 9-1 record and very much in the chase.

In game 10, all three pitched 85 percent or better. Allen (90.0 percent) took no chances with West, winning 52-23. Titcomb beat Dean, 50-29 and Isais cruised past Anderson, 52-22. In game 11, Titcomb took Wahlin, 51-29. In the big match Isais (87.7 percent) continued his World Tournament dominance of Ted, winning 54-33 with relative ease! In the crucial game 12 match, Isais (88.0 percent) eliminated Titcomb, 50-28. Meanwhile Allen, in an attempt to close the barn door after the horse was gone, punished Wahlin, 52-12 with 93.5 percent. In the final game, Isais disposed of a spirited Wahlin, 50-37 in 110 shoes. Titcomb feeling the wrath of Allen (92.8 percent), was trounced 52-18.

Ted Allen had that special something to win playoffs and down 1:0 the wire World Tournaments. Fernando had the gifted knack of seemingly winning his with relative ease with the last match usually just a formality. Even his eighth World Championship, although a surprise, still was registered in his undisguisable trademark!

1958 World Tournament Murray, Utah - July 23-30, 1958
Qual W.L.R.Sp. Pet.
Group 1
1.Ted AllenBoulder, Colo.D.C.1611016 117686.4
2.Fernando IsaisLos Angeles, Cal.503143 1077 133081.0
3.Dave BakerWentworth, Mo.512134980 131074.8
4.Roger VogelManito, Ill.506134 1023 138074.1
5.Dale DixonDes Moines, Iowa502116944 130072.6
6.Glen AndersonMoline, Ill.496116940 130871.9
7.Art DugleChicago, Ill.524107929 127472.9
8.Don McCanceCozad, Neb.524107876 122271.7
9.Virgil TaylorGreencastle, Ind.511107910 127071.7
10.John ElkinsStella, Mo.474107880 125470.2
11.Ron CherrierHopkins, Minn.49089839 119870.0
12.Dean BrownSouth Gate, Cal.461611859 124269.2
13.Harold PageWaterloo, Iowa457611725 112064.7
14.Czar MarcevichOakland, Cal. 456512808 123065.7
15.John PaxtonOttumwa, Iowa463413674 111460.5
16.Hugh RogersCedar Falls, Iowa491215793 1230 64.5
17.Howard RobinsonNebraska City, Neb.475215670 112259.7
18.Robert StevensonBurlington, Cal.453116557 100055.7

Group 2
1.Don TitcombSunnyvale, Cal.566161 1018 120884.3
2.Clive WahlinSalt Lake City, Utah525152926 120876.7
3.Louis DeanPomona, Cal.5131431015 134475.5
4.Bob WestMcMinnville, Ore.506134891 118875.0
5.Curt DayFrankfort, Ind.494125953 125076.2
6.Floyd ToolePine Bluff, Ark.495125972 127676.2
7.James WeeksNorwalk, Cal.503125917 124074.0
8.Marines TamboerWichita, Kansas510125804 114870.0
9.Truman StandardCanton, Ill.51698833 115472.2
10.Floyd FowlerGreencastle, Ind.47689806 113071.3
11.Hugh GalpinSalt Lake City, Utah472710787 123263.9
12.Walter HornerFarmersburg, Ind.454710689 108663.4
13.Ralph HallSalt Lake City, Utah502512771 117465.7
14.Nelson VogelManito, Ill.480413682 112860.5
15.Clarence GilesRiverton, Utah473314612 102859.5
16.Arvil JenningsMurray, Utah457314580 100257.9
17.Nolan BensonBrigham City, Utah456116608 105457.7
18.Eddie BabushHollywood, Cal.459 Forfeit-expelled from courts.

1958 World Tournament Murray, Utah - July 23-30, 1958
Championship Group* W.L.R.Sp. Pet.
1.Fernando IsaisLos Angeles, Cal.130 8691030 84.3
2.Ted AllenBoulder, Colo.121 884 103885.2
3.Don TitcombSunnyvale, Cal.103 81798882.7
4.Clive WahlinSalt Lake City, Utah85 8671088 79.7
5.Curt DayFrankfort, Ind.76 890 113078.8
6.Dave BakerWentworth, Mo.76 790 101278.1
7.Floyd ToolePine Bluff, Ark.76 74096476.8
8.Glen AndersonMoline, Ill.76 766 104273.5
9. Louis DeanPomona, Cal.67 775102076.0
10.Robert WestMcMinnville, Ore.67 780 101277.1
11.John ElkinsStella, Mo.49 62989670.2
12.Dale DixonDes Moines, Iowa211 64892869.8
13.Roger VogelManito, Ill.211 56384866.4
14.Marines TamboerWichita, Kansas Forfeit
Group 2 - Position 15-26**
15.Dean BrownSouth Gate, Cal.92 60378277.1
16.Don McCanceCozad, Neb.92 59676877.6
17.Virgil TaylorGreencastle, Ind.92 55475273.7
18.Floyd FowlerGreencastle, Ind.83 56876874.0
19.Truman StandardCanton, Ill.74 55375673.1
20.Walter HornerFarmersburg, Ind.74 51773270.6
21.Ron CherrierHopkins, Minn.47 62284273.9
22.James WeeksNorwalk, Cal.47 51674469.4
23.Ralph HallSalt Lake City, Utah47 51375268.2
24.Hugh GalpinSalt Lake City, Utah88 51674869.0
25.Harvey PageWaterloo, Iowa29 41767661.7
26.Art DugleChicago, Ill. Forfeit
Group 3 - Positions 27-36***
27.Hugh RogersCedar Falls, Iowa81 33345673.0
28.Clarence GilesRiverton, Utah72 32248466.5
29.Czar MarcevichOakland, Cal.63 37053469.3
30.Howard RobinsonNebraska City, Neb.63 31852061.2
31.Arvil JenningsMurray, Utah63 30047263.6
32.Nolan BensonBrigham City, Utah45 33554261.8
33.Nelson VogelManito, Ill.45 27746659.4
34.Robert StevensonBurlingame, Cal.36 27045459.5
35.John PaxtonOttumwa, Iowa Forfeit
36.Eddie BabushHollywood, Cal. Forfeit
*Championship Group made up of top seven men from each group of semi-finals. Those tied for seventh positions pitched 50 shoes each to break ties.
**Group 2 made up of next six men from each group of semi-finals.
***Group 3 made up of last five men in each group of semi-finals.