1949 World Tournament
Murray,Utah - Aug. 15-20, 1949

Permission granted by author, Gary T. Kline of
"The Official N.H.P.A. History of the World Tournament 1909-1980", Reflection Press, Dayton, Ohio
Gary T. Kline's book on past world tournament (before 1980) is recommended reading for any horseshoe pitching enthusiast. With his kind permission, we bring excerpts from his fabulous collection of data, to wit:

1949 World Tournament

The major disappointment of 1949 is that the individual game by game results are not available for this particular year. This prevents a much greater detailed account of this year. It also prevents knowing how many 80 or 90 percent games were pitched in compiling individual career records and creates a problem in determining lifetime win-loss confrontations between any two participants.

None of this was the fault of N.H.P.A. Secretary Harvey W. Clear, who in '46, '47 and '48 brilliantly put together game by game results in a classic pamphlet form and for a meager price of one quarter mailed these to all N.H.P.A. members who requested one. These are great collector items.

As economics often alter the course of human events, Mr. Clear in 1949, for the lack of but $150, was unable to put out a pamphlet. He did make a few mimeographed copies, but the whereabouts of any of these are unknown. Mr. Roy W. Smith, noted southpaw hurler of the 114 turn pitch and author of two editions of the book Science At the Stake, wrote a six page story of this event in the September issue of the Byron Jaskulek monthly magazine entitled The Horseshoe Pitcher. Unfortunately, Mr. Smith penned but a few scant details of the actual tournament matches assuming the details would be provided in Mr. Clear's pamphlet.

With beautiful mountains in the background, Murray, Utah was the site wisely chosen for this meet. This was to begin a love affair between this clean living and generous populace and the N.H.P.A. membership that would produce the longest string of consecutive World Tournaments in one place in horseshoe pitching history. Fernando Isais headed the 36 man group, 24 of whom had prior experience. Of these 24, 19 now stand tall on the All Time Top 100 Victory list. Of the more prominent newcomers were youngster Pat Brady, the aforementioned Eino Tiilikainen, Texas champion Ed. J. McFarland and John Elkins who was just beginning a career which would eventually land him in the great 100.

Fernando Isais, said by many old timers to have had the most beautiful pitching style of all time, was attempting to do what only four men had ever done: win the World title three consecutive times. Only Jackson, Davis, Mossman and Allen had accomplished this before. There were two most likely to stand in Fernando's way; the most dangerous being Ted Allen who the year before pitched 36 consecutive double ringers. He finished one game with 29 and started the next with seven for the World Record which still stands. Fernando's other big threat was Charles "Casey" Jones who in 1948 averaged the World Record of 87.5 percent. As the results show, Fernando need not have worried. Allen, in their clutch game, came up with only 67 percent, hardly the challenge for a championship. Mr. Smith states how Casey could generate no offense in his big match with the champion. Fernando cakewalked to his third consecutive title. An easier time of it had not been seen since the '20's. On the final day, Isais suffered his only loss to fellow Exposition Park Club member, Ray "Half Pint" Gatewood. Isais' best game was 41 of 42 for 97.6 in a 50-0 win over Ron Cherrier.

Fernando's silky smooth 1¾ delivery was to be an inspiration to some of the younger Californians whose astute imitation of this style would elevate their game to World Tournament caliber. It should be remembered that Fernando missed the 1946 tournament. The 1949 win gave him four World Tournament Championships in his last four appearances! Fernando Isais, now the most dominant pitcher in the game, was roaring along at a peak that had him practically unbeatable!

1949 World Tournament Murray, Utah - Aug. 15-20, 1949
Qual W.L.R.Sp. Pet.
1.Fernando IsaisLos Angeles, Cal.D.C. 341 1976 235883.8
2.Ted AllenBoulder, Colo.513332 2046 249682.0
3."Casey" JonesWaukesha, Wis.507314 2090 259880.4
4.Dean BrownSouth Gate, Cal.497305 2107 265079.5
5.Stanley DeLearyPhoenix, Ariz.529305 1989 252678.7
6.Don TitcombSan Jose, Cal.473287 1930 248077.8
7.Tommy BrownellGloversville, N.Y.523278 2055 267077.0
8.Ray GatewoodLos Angeles, Cal.523278 1998 259677.0
9.Louis DeanPomona, Cal.518269 1838 2440 75.3
10.Roland KraftLeCompton, Kansas5012510 1942 2504 77.6
11.Lowell GraySan Gabriel, Cal.5122114 1782 2460 72.4
12.Alvin GandyTopeka, Kansas4922114 1688 2414 70.0
13.Pat BradyNew York, N.Y.4941916 1762 2504 70.4
14.John SebekCanton, Ohio5071916 1795 2574 69.7
15.Dale DixonDes Moines, Iowa5121817 1661 2404 69.1
16.Ray OhmsSalt Lake City, Utah4651817 1635 2376 68.8
17.Ervin HosierSouth Gate, Cal.4541817 1643 2434 67.5
18.Merle PalmerCheyenne, Wyo.5021718 1706 2500 68.2
19.Irwin CarlbergGrand Rapids, Mich.4541718 1726 2542 67.9
20.Eino TiilikainenColorado Springs, Colo.4651718 1455 2186 66.6
21.John ElkinsStella, Mo.4921619 1738 2594 67.0
22. Arner LindquistMorgantown, W. Va.5011520 1652 2470 66.9
23.Nels PetersonRochester, Minn.4631520 1622 2438 66.5
24.Ed J. McFarlandHouston, Texas48614211749 2594 67.4
25.Paul MoriSan Francisco,. Cal. 477 1421 1551 2380 65.2
26.Henry HarperLos Angeles, Cal. 472 12 23 1528 2372 64.4
27.Ron CherrierNorthfield, Minn. 483 11 24 1450 2262 64.1
28.Cherry BennettKaysville, Utah4551124 1425 2276 62.6
29.Jay ByrnesAlhambra, Cal.46410 25 1419 2318 61.2
30.W. O. MaxwellHicksville, Ohio 451 8 27 1358 2232 60.8
31.Harry DolanFontana, Cal.4728 27 1176 1080 56.5
32.Harry HennCovington,Ky.4367 28 1222 2200 55.5
33.Ray ArnoldSanta Barbara, Cal.4606 29 1274 2214 57.5
34.George CallasSan Francisco. Cal.4314 31 1128 2078 54.3
35.Louis LarsonNo. Mankato, Minn.4334 311098 2024 54.2
36.Larry GreerSan Gabriel, Cal.4301 34 1014 2002 50.6