1946 World Tournament
Des Moines, Iowa June 30-July 4, 1946

Permission granted by author, Gary T. Kline of
"The Official N.H.P.A. History of the World Tournament 1909-1980", Reflection Press, Dayton, Ohio
Gary T. Kline's book on past world tournament (before 1980) is recommended reading for any horseshoe pitching enthusiast. With his kind permission, we bring excerpts from his fabulous collection of data, to wit:

This year will always serve as a remembrance of the N.H.P.A.'s ability to survive any adverse conditions. Due to a steel and paper shortage during World War II, horseshoe pitching ground to a standstill; no steel for shoes and no paper for the written word.

The Horseshoe World came to an abrupt halt in the winter of 1943. The N.H.P.A. membership nose dived to only 17 active members. On a positive side, horseshoe pitching got a fantastic boost as part of the Armed Forces recreational program.

The two men most responsible for this were Harry “Pop” Woodfield and Leland Mortenson. The sport received tremendous exposure because of the many horseshoe pitchers in the Armed Forces. Ted Allen, while serving his country, performed many exhibitions for our fighting men. Jimmy Risk also did this. With all of this in mind, this World Tournament was to be something special to those present.

Once again Des Moines was to be the friend of horseshoe pitching as a warm host. Only nine of the field were veterans. Fernando Isais became the sixth World Champion not to defend the title, Frank Jackson being the first man to do so twice. Some outstanding rookies made the scene: Feleccia, the Harris’, Brownell, Stolarik, Cash and Kolb. Three would eventually earn their way into the All Time Top 100: Lindquist, Lindemeier, and Harper.

In only 18 games would the loser score less than 10. Allen. was responsible for nine of these; Jones five. There were 16 games over 85 percent. Allen had eight, Jones five, Sebek two, and Dixon one. There were five 90 percent games. Allen had four and Jones had one. The scheduling set up the top two men to meet in the final game.

Upsets were not too common among the leaders, just enough to bring chaos. In round four, Sebek was upended by Brownell, 50-40. In round eight, Sebek was beaten soundly by Lindquist, 50-28. In round nine, Sidney Harris was had by Kraft, 50-40. In round 10, Jones met defeat by Lindemeier, 50-44. In a tough match, Sidney Harris beat Sebek, 50-42. In round 11, Orville Harris took Sebek, 50-46. Jones won over Sidney Harris, 50-37. The four leaders (Allen, Sebek, Sidney Harris and Jones) then proceeded to win their next 10 matches. Allen was the only one of the leaders not bitten by the upset bug.

In the big matches of the 21st round, Jones took Kraft, 50-15. Sidney Harris moved a step closer to elimination by losing to Lindemeier, 50-44. After being eliminated, Johnnie Sebek, the “Ohio Express”, thoroughly walloped Ted Allen, 50-24.

This put Allen and Jones in a tie with two rounds left. In round 2, Allen creamed Sidney Harris, 50-14, eliminating him while Jones overpowered Sebek, 50-21, despite Johnnie pitching 77 percent. This set up one of the greatest matches ever for the World Title – superstar Ted Allen, trying to regain his title, pitted against superstar Casey Jones, trying to win his first. In this 158 shoe game, Ted tossed 139 ringers including 60 double ringers for 87.9 percent. Hard luck Casey threw 137 ringers including 59 double ringers for 86.7 percent only to lose the World Championship, 50-44! Allen had waited five long years to regain his title.

As a record of proof to the N.H.P.A.'s stability, from this year on a World Tournament would be held every summer of every year far into the future.

1946 World Tournament Des Moines, Iowa - June 30-July 4, 1941
Qual W.L.R.Sp. Pet.
1.Ted AllenBoulder, Colo.540221 1173 139883.9
2. "Casey" JonesWaukesha, Wis.516212 1304 1612 80.9
3. Sidney HarrisMinden, Neb.504194 1197 1666 71.8
4.John SebekCanton, Ohio502185 1313 176274.5
5.Vito FelecciaBrooklyn, N.Y.475176 1079 155269.5
6.Dale DixonDes Moines, Iowa476167 1163 167069.6
7. Arner LindquistMorgantown, W. Va.478167 1096 162867.3
8.W. O. MaxwellHicksville, Ohio474158 1222 177468.9
9.Arlo HarrisIndianapolis, Ind.477158 1090 167065.3
10.John LindemeierMaywood, Ill.4851310 1229 173670.8
11. Tommy BrownellGloversville, N.Y.4551310 1073 1612 66.6
12. Andy StolarikCanton, Ohio4551310 1002 1544 64.9
13.Roland KraftLeCompton, Kansas4781211 1132 165468.4
14.Orville HarrisIndianapolis, Ind.4411211 1012 156864.5
15. Henry HarperLos Angeles, Cal.4461112 1066 160266.5
16.Bob CashCleveland, Ohio445815990 159262.2
17.Alvin DahleneLawrence, Kansas448716 1050 160665.4
18.Earl GreenIndianapolis, Ind.442716968 155462.2
19.William KolbNewark, N.J.451716888 147460.2
20.W. DanhauerChicago, Ill.442518851 147857.6
21.C. HansonGilbert, Iowa448419809 145455.6
22. Marion LangeBondurant, Iowa451320766 138855.2
23.Howard RobinsonNebraska City, Neb.468221 1016 166061.2
24.Evan TishockColumbus, Ohio469023562 111450.4