1935 World Tournament
Moline, Ill. - Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 1935

Permission granted by author, Gary T. Kline of
"The Official N.H.P.A. History of the World Tournament 1909-1980", Reflection Press, Dayton, Ohio
Gary T. Kline's book on past world tournament (before 1980) is recommended reading for any horseshoe pitching enthusiast. With his kind permission, we bring excerpts from his fabulous collection of data, to wit:

1935 World Tournament

The year 1935 had the honor of presenting the first opportunity for pitchers not making the championship class to pitch in a consolation class. (In all fairness to the N.H.P.A., 1933 was the first time all entrants did not pitch in the top class. This was necessitated by the large number of entries and thus gave birth to the idea of qualifying for the openings.)

The N.H.P.A. will be forever indebted to the Moline Dispatch which contributed money and prizes making the consolation class possible. This is the only time a sponsor, other than the N.H.P.A., has presented a consolation tournament open to those who failed to qualify and is still labeled the Dispatch Tournament. This is the forerunner of the Class B.

Those in the Dispatch tourney, who in the future would appear in the top class, were: Dean Brown (234); Robert Bales (233), John Paxton (232), and Clayton C. Henson (228). Past greats included Woodard (241), Woods (232), Caleo (229), Rose (228), Steinmann (223), and Rizor (222). The most disheartened was Carl Hoff of Lewisburg, Ohio who had qualified for the Championship Class, but was disqualified because the William Isaacs model shoes he used did not meet N.H.P.A. specifications. Upon requalifying with a different brand, Hoff shot 237 missing the dream flight by but five points.

Continuing with the yearly saga of the surprises who fail, the following with past experience did not make any class: Hansford Jackson (204), all time great Bert Duryee (218), Reese (220). and Hogan (175). Future participants whose time had not yet arrived, were: Arlo Harris (207), Henry Harper (221), and Nelson Vogel (194).

Of those who would never make the tournament, but made lasting contributions to the sport were William Isaacs of Hamilton, Ohio and Professor Carl VanderLancken, still serving the N.H.P.A. in various capacities. Returning veterans were: Davis (84 percent), Risk (85 percent), Collier (79 percent), Scheets (78 percent), Elmerson (80 percent), Peterson (74 percent), the great Frank Jackson (79 percent), and defending superstar Ted Allen (80 percent). Heralded newcomers were: Gray (83 percent), Maxwell (78 percent), O'Shea (77 percent), Griggs (76 percent), Dahlene (74 percent), Jones (77 percent), and Zimmerman (76 percent).

Key matches or outstanding individual performances will again be featured in the recording of 1935.
    Round 1: Zimmerman-52, Risk-43; and Jones-50, Griggs-49 in 100 shoes.
    Round 2: Maxwell (79.3 percent) over Gray, 52-32; Allen-52, Zimmerman-32; O'Shea-50, Risk-49; and Jones (80.9 percent) over Jackson, 50-29.
    Round 3: Maxwell (82.6) over Baker, 50-6; Zimmerman (85.0 per cent) over Gray, 50-26; and Allen-50, O'Shea-34.
    Round 4: Zimmerman (85.7 percent) over Baker, 50-5; and Gray (80.0 percent) over O'Shea, 50-9.
    Round 5: Zimmerman (84.8 percent) over Elmerson, 52-19.
    Round 6: Jones-50, Zimmerman-38; and Jackson (81 percent) over Dahlene, 51-17.
    Round 7: Jones (85.9 percent) over O'Shea, 50-7; and Allen-50, Davis-40.
    Round 8: Davis-51, Gray-44.
    Round 9: Davis (80.5 percent) over Baker, 51-8; Jones (88.6 percent) over Rust, 50-6; and Jackson-51, Risk-47.
    Round 10: Lattore-50, Risk-48 in 100 shoes; Zimmerman (84.3 percent) over Dahlene, 50-20; and Frank Jackson-51, Allen-41. This ended Ted's winning streak at 38 straight.
    Round 11: Maxwell (87.9 percent) over Collier, 50-29; and Davis-50, Jones-46.
    Round 12: Collier-50, Zimmerman-46; Elmerson (80.8 percent) over Griggs, 50-18; and Jones (81.8 percent) over Bozich, 51-10.
    Round 13: Bennett (80.3 percent) over Collier, 52-15; Griggs-53, Jackson-34; Allen-50, Risk-43; and Elmerson-53, Jones-33.
    Round 14: Allen (80.3 percent) over Bennett, 50-22; Jackson (84.4 percent) over Swinehamer, 50-10; and Scheets-50, Jones-42.
    Round 15: Collier-50, Risk-45.
    Round 16: Elmerson (82.6 percent) over Gray, 50-15; and Lattore-50, Jackson-49.
    Round 17: Jackson-52, Davis-43.
    Round 18: Risk (82.7 percent) over Gray, 50-19; and Jones-50, Allen 42.
    Round 19: Allen (80.5 percent) over Scheets, 50-6; Risk (80 percent) over Addington, 50-15; and in major upsets, it was Maxwell-50, Davis 31; and Dahlene-50, Jones-46.
Round 20: Jackson (80 percent) over Maxwell, 50-19; Risk-50, Jones 48; Griggs-55, Zimmerman-29.
    Round 21: Elmerson (82.0 percent) over Griggs, 50-17, stayed alive; likewise Davis (80.6 percent) over O'Shea, 51-25; Allen (85.3 percent) over Gray, 51-23, stayed one game in the lead; and Jackson (82.9 percent) eliminated Zimmerman, 54-27.
    Round 22: Zimmerman snuffed Davis' hope, 50-27; Allen-55, Dahlene-30; and Elmerson-50, Risk-35.

1935 World Tournament Moline, Ill. - Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 1935
Qual. W.L.R.Sp. Pet.
1.Ted AllenAlhambra, Cal.255212 1222 1618.755
2.Harvey ElmersonMilwaukee, Wis.246194 1256 1740.722
3.C. C. DavisKansas City, Mo.266185 1198 1626.737
4.Guy ZimmermanSac City, Iowa246185 1213 1654.733
5.Frank JacksonBlue Mound, Kansas256176 1285 1762.729
6.Charles JonesWaukesha, Wis.252176 1244 1712.727
7.James RiskMontepelier, Ind.264158 1225 1720.712
8.W. O. MaxwellHicksville, Ohio254149 1059 1524.695
9.Joseph BennettMoline, Ill.246149 1114 1612.691
10.Ellis GriggsPlaineville, Ill.2471310 1232 1728.713
11.Lowell F. GrayLong Beach, Cal.2651211 1205 1734.695
12.James O'SheaBrockton, Mass.24912111003 1492.672
13.Alvin DahleneLawrence, Kansas24712119871482.686
14.Howard CollierCuba, Ill.25810139911490.665
15.Earl BomkeNew Berlin, Ill.2441013932 1470.634
16.Leo LattoreDearborn, Mich.251914 1068 1646.649
17.Leo RollickChicago, Ill.246815794 1231.645
18.Oscar BozichKansas City, Mo.245815 1011 1580.640
19.Aden SwinehamerAurora, Ill.251716910 1376.661
20.Harold SheetsWaukesha, Wis.251716793 1414.561
21.Roy AddingtonDunkirk, N.Y.247518 1014 1561.650
22.Glenn RustMilwaukee, Wis.244518871 1510.577
23.Gaylord PetersonVarma, Ill.242419849 1492.569
24.E. R. BakerMacomb, Ill.243123628 1116.563