1925 World Tournament
Lake Worth, Fla. - Feb. 16-28, 1925

Permission granted by author, Gary T. Kline of
"The Official N.H.P.A. History of the World Tournament 1909-1980", Reflection Press, Dayton, Ohio
Gary T. Kline's book on past world tournament (before 1980) is recommended reading for any horseshoe pitching enthusiast. With his kind permission, we bring excerpts from his fabulous collection of data, to wit:

1925 World Tournament Lake Worth, Fla. - Feb. 16-28, 1925
W.L.R.Sp. Pet.
1.Frank JacksonKellerton, Iowa3109551604.595
2.Putt MossmanEldora, Iowa2929891592.621
3.C. C. DavisColumbus, Ohio2749131600.571
4.Ralph SpencerPicher, Okla.2479671880.514
5.Loren MayAkron, Ohio2479111790.509
6.Bert DuryeeWichita, Kansas2389421882.501
7.Wm. YocumZanesville, Ohio2299251810.512
8.Blair NunamakerCleveland, Ohio2299381878.499
9.Charles C. Brundige Columbus, Ohio2298621758.490
10.Clifford ToddZanesville, Ohio21109611938.496
11.Art CummingMinneapolis, Minn.21109181860.494
12.C. R. ThompsonTampa, Fla.20118201770.463
13.Fred BrundigeColumbus, Ohio20118061778.453
14.A. J. BuckmanLake Worth, Fla.20117691750.439
15.Clark WallisAkron, Ohio19127561796.421
16.George RandolWest Palm Beach, Fla.17147951844.431
17.James McDonaldLake Worth, Fla.14177771970.394
18.David T. LeonardAdams Basin, N.Y.14177361786.412
19.Fred W. NussbaumDaytona, Fla.12196801790.380
20.W. BuckministerMiami, Fla.11206941832.379
21.T. C. ReedMcKeesport, Pa.11206941834.378
22.Christ EricksonBeresford, S.D.10216221810.344
23.John L. EstepTiffin, Ohio9226131784.344
24.George RitcheyColumbus, Ohio9226581778.370
25.Francis LoveLake Worth, Fla.9226071718.353
26.John W. FeaselColumbus, Ohio8235901762.335
27.John MichaelsMiami, Fla.7245511738.317
28.L. A. RedfieldShortsville, N.Y.7245821784.326
29.Warren MossmanEldora, Iowa5265241722.304
30.Henry BornAtlantic City, N.J.5265771828.316
31.Alex CummingMinneapolis, Minn.3285031728.291
32. Roy ThompsonConstance, Minn.0311341234.109
The first twelve contestants played in the finals. Ties for twelfth place were played off by pitching 50-point games, putting Thompson in the finals; ties below twelfth place were played off in 50-point games, resulting in positions listed.
W.L.R.Sp. Pet.
1.Putt MossmanEldora, Iowa53223583490.676
2.C. C. DavisColumbus, Ohio451022413486.643
3.Frank JacksonKellerton,Iowa421321823604.605
4.Loren MayAkron, Ohio342120253442.588
5.William YocumZanesville, Ohio292619733544.557
6.Bert DuryeeWichita, Kansas262920653650.566
7.Blair NunamakerCleveland, Ohio253020703754.551
8.Ralph SpencerPicher, Okla.233220333692.551
9.Art CummingMinneapolis, Minn.173816433284.500
10.Charles C. Brundige Columbus, Ohio173817683484.507
11.C. R. ThompsonTampa, Fla.144117883462.516
12.Clifford ToddZanesville, Ohio55014783220.459
Grand Totals, Prelims & Finals826826 47394 98740.480
Tie for ninth was played off by one 50-point game, resulting as shown.

The first week, the 32 men played each other one 50-point game and prize money below the twelfth place was decided. The second week each of the highest twelve of the first week played each other one 50point game each day for five days, and Mossman winning the most games was declared the world's champion and awarded $400 in prize money and the championship medal.

It was in the next to the last game Mossman and Duryee pitched late Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 25, that they made the remarkable records given in another place in the booklet* under the heading of "The Greatest Game of Horseshoes Ever Pitched". In this same game Mossman beat the world's record of seven consecutive double ringers in a national tournament game, ending the game by pitching nine consecutive doubles. Mossman also broke the world's record in this tournament by pitching .676 percent ringers in the finals and averaging .659 percent ringers in pitching 5082 shoes in 86 games. Jackson has the honor of winning two games from Mossman in this tournament, and Spencer and Yocum each one game. These four games are the only ones Mossman lost.

*Horseshoe Pitching - How To Play The Game