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We Have a Winner in Logo Design Contest

The votes have been tallied and there is a clear-cut winner! With 32 percent of the total votes, the winning design for an updated NHPA logo was submitted by Bobby White of Pennsylvania, and meets ALL the requirements outlined in the contest rules.

Not only can you tell at a glance that it is "horseshoe pitching," you can also see male and female participation, the association name and the website. This eye-catching design would show well on the back of a jacket or shirt and would need no explanation to those who view it.

As explained in the contest and voting announcements, the intention is NOT to replace the existing NHPA logo, but to add a "companion" design that is easily identifiable to be used in promoting the association to the general public. An announcement will be made when the design becomes available to members.

Bobby will be the recipient of a $50 prepaid VISA card for his victory! A sincere thank you goes out to every member who gave their time and effort to create and submit all the contest designs.

Our sport of horseshoe pitching goes back a long way and covers a lot of territory, time, and change. Since the sport’s inception, many players have been crowned as champions, and many more were competitive contenders and heroes in their local areas.

We do not often recall these stars of yesterday, so it is now time for a publication telling of the past women champions, junior champions, and senior champions. Read More

Did you sponsor a World Tournament court? Check out those that did. While we want to recognize and thank those of you that have already sponsored a court please remember that we still have some available for your charter, club, business or personal advertisement.

There are 60 courts available for sponsorship. If anybody wishes to sponsor a court, please contact David Sidles. David's email address is Sec.Treas@horseshoepitching.com Sponsorships have typically been $500.

Cameras are now active on the NHPF site.
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Promotional Video with past president Dave Loucks.

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