Must Wear Uniforms

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Following are the regulations for uniforms to be used in all National Tournaments as adopted at St. Petersburg, Fla., Tuesday, Feb. 5, 1929:

"Each uniform shall consist of shirt and trousers or knickers, and white hose. A cap or hat is also suggested. The trousers or knickers to be made of white duck, with two black stripes down the outside seam of each leg. The stripes to be onefourth inch wide and to be placed one-half inch apart, the entire length of the trousers or knickers, starting at the belt above and down on e side of each front pocket. One stripe to be on each side of the opening of the pocket.

The trousers to be with or without cuffs at the bottom. The shirt to be of a good grade of white broadcloth to cost not less than two dollars. A double stripe of onefourth inch bias black tape, same as on the trousers leg to be placed around the cuff of each sleeve. Also a horseshoe, or still better, an emblem of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association made in the shape of a horseshoe, must be, sewed on the shirt on the left breast just above the heart."