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The following banners are provided for the promotion of major horseshoe pitching events which attract the majority of participants from out of state. Click to enlarge the image to see all the information. There are no advertisements of fees or other expenses….all such information must be obtained from the parties whose names are given in the banner. If email or website addresses are provided along with information on coming events, they will be included. The NHPA website warrants no guarantee on the information shown.
Send your upcoming major event information to:

Rob Hagman

Other, local horseshoe pitching events should be posted in local Charter websites.
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World Warm Up Tournament 2017

  • This tournament will be held  at Florence SC
  • Saturday 7-7-18
  • All sign ups will be on site starting at 8am; Max of 96 entries.
  • The tournament starts at 10am.
  • Entry fee is $25, 100% payback minus scorekeeper fees.
  • NO handicap will be used.
  • 6 person classes and 40 shoe games.
  • We are using this format to simulate a day pitching at world.
  • Current Natstats will be used for seeding
  • Tournament Director: Rob Hagman
  • Scorekeepers will be paid $10 for the shift.