Horseshoe Pitching Artwork

Here we have another view of a cartoon from the early 1930's with a character of Blair Nunamaker. Unlike the Harvard cartoon, this artwork does not poke fun at our sport, but it isn't all-factual either. Blair Nunmaker was indeed World Champion in 1929, and then is described as undefeated for the next three years. There were no World Tournaments in 1930 -1932. The next World Tournament was in 1933.
John Yernbergs Artwork
One of finest cartoonists in our era was an NHPA member and skilled pitcher, John Yernberg. His fun and humorous work is found in several horseshoe pitching publications and he did other artwork as the two Christmas cards shown in this article. John was a native of Duluth, born June 15, 1913. John passed away earlier this year. He was Minnesota State Men's Champion in 1958 He served many years as a charter officer, club officer and also as a NHPA Regional Director.