Paul Lattray

The following articles tell about many great pitchers we are familiar with, including our Hall of Fame Chairperson, and ten-time World champion, Vicki Winston and several other Hall of Fame members and state champions. At the top of the heap in both contests is Paul Lattray, and yet this article is not featuring his pitching skills, but his artistic skills. The first article is from the News Digest in 1964 and tells of a very formidable tournament held in Kansas. Then comes the article which tells of Lattray winning the 1957 Missouri state championship. This article also names some pitchers that we are familiar with, including our dear friend Earl Winston winning Class B.

Paul Lattray is referred to as a commercial artist in one of the articles. Besides being a championship class pitcher, indeed he was an artist. Featured with this article are copies of some his artwork that graced the covers of Horseshoe World magazines back more than sixty years ago.

First, from the Horseshoe Pitchers News Digest in 1964. . .

Lattray, Champion of
"Heart of Kansas" Tournament

By Perl "Pep" Pepple

Paul Lattray, Webster Groves, Mo., went undefeated in 15 games. He also had the highest ringer percentage in one game, 88.2%, to win that special award.

M. Tamboer, of Wichita, lost only to Lattray for runner-up spot. In the 16 round-robin Class B Vicki Winston won great applause when she defeated Marvin Reheis, Kansas State Champion in a one-game playoff. Each had a 14-1 record. She pitched brilliantly in the meet to prove why she is the World Champion Lady Pitcher. Ray Calvin, St. Joe, Mo., won the award for highest qualifying score of 256. All six States were represented with players. Classes C, D & E had to be added as about 60 pitchers were in the meet. More color was added to the tournament when the referees appeared in black & white striped shirts & caps to match.

Don Koso, Regional Director, attended and expressed satisfaction and pleasure in our operation of such a fine and colorful tournament. State champions from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa easily demonstrated why they are champions, but the Colorado champion failed to appear. 32 trophies, 6 special awards and cash sent the players on their way home in a happy mood.

The entire tournament committee and many others also, functioned efficiently, and space forbids mentioning all their names. To all horseshoe pitchers, the Committee extends thanks for coming and some so very far. Without your loyal support our first "Heart of the Kansas" tournament could never have been such a definite success. Their relatives and friends also enjoyed beautiful Gage Park and all its facilities for entertainment of visitors.

The writer presented Park Commissioner Goodwin who spoke and mentioned he is expanding horseshoe grounds and facilities over in Topeka in 1965 to meet the increased demands for courts by Topeka citizens. This Heart of Kansas meet will be an annual event in Topeka and in 1965 we plan to increase it to cover more states.

And then from The Horseshoe Pitchers News Digest in 1957. . .


The Missouri State Horseshoe Tournament ended Monday, August 19th by crowning a new champion, Paul Lattray from Webster Groves, Mo. He dethroned John Elkins of Stella, who was defending his title and ended in eighth place. He also had to win over Bob Bales of Kansas City in a best 2 out of 3 play-off.

Lattray by trade is a commercial artist and 2nd place Bales is an employee of Union Wire Rope.

During the tournament, Lattray set a new ringer record for qualifying on the Sedalia courts by throwing 81 ringers in 100 shoes for 258 points. In Class B, Earl Winston of LaMonte captured top honors.

In the election of officers for the coming year for the Missouri Horseshoe Pitchers Association, Earl Winston, LaMonte was elected President, William Young, Overland, Vice President and J.A. Larson, Sedalia, Secretary-Treasurer.

Class A W L %
P. Lattray, Webster Groves 9 2 69.5
B. Bales, Kansas City 9 2 69.3
C. Long, Carthage 8 3 61.7
B. Young, Overland 8 3 62.2
B. Kempfe, Alma 5 6 62.1
R. Cavin, St. Joseph 5 6 58.5
R. Mosby, Kansas City 5 6 57.1
J. Elkins, Stella ('56 champ) 5 6 59.4
P. Stockwell, St. Joesph 5 6 59.4
H. Gardner, Bosworth 3 8 52.6
F. Baker, Wentworth 2 9 50.3
K. Walker, Columbia 2 9 48.9

Class B W L %
E. Winston, LaMonte 10 1 62.1
W. Wamser, St. Louis 8 3 58.4
J. Lilly, Lamar 7 4 52.9
W. Winston, LaMonte 7 4 54.7
G. Osterdorf, St. Louis 6 5 53.1
J. Wors, St. Louis 6 5 49.7
C. Banes, Irvin 5 6 52.0
C. Picraux, Defiance 5 6 51.9
N. Snelson, Springfield 4 7 48.5
H. Gilmore, Jefferson City 3 8 48.9
C. Kilgore, Stewartsville 3 8 45.8
L. Kerns, Trenton 2 9 39.1

In the play-off for first place Bales won the first game throwing 80.6% by a score of 50-28, but Lattray came back winning the next two games 55-41 and 51-49 averaging 76% ringers against Bales' 72%.

Trophies and certificates were awarded first place winners in both classes. Second place contestants received silver medals in both classes and thirds were presented bronze medals in addition to premium money by the Missouri State Fair. Premiums and ribbons awarded to twelfth place in both sections.

In having an article remembering Paul Lattray, we would be amiss if his performance at the 1964 World Tournament was not mentioned. In 1964, a record-setting thirteen pitchers averaged over 80%. Paul Lattray was among those 13 pitchers, placing 10th, winning 25 games, losing ten and averaging 80.1% ringers.