Occasional old articles from the 20's and 30's turn up telling about horseshoe pitching on college campuses, just as the Iowa series, just completed, made mention of the sport at Iowa colleges and in high schools. Most of the college activity was in the mid-west region and varied in intramural leagues, campus tournaments and some team challenges between rival schools. But, no one would ever expect the sport to grace the campus at a prestigious school as Harvard University.

harvard ?
When this cartoon, dated 1932, showed up, it was an exciting moment. Besides being great folk-art, the artwork depicted a team coach by the name of T. Strayner, a campus champion in Edmund Izinglaws and even hinted at horseshoe pitching at the Olympics. This is some incredible information and certainly warranted further research.

A call was placed to the Harvard Research Library and a student was assigned to check into all this. Here is the result of that report. Indeed, it is a fact that the cartoon was published in the Harvard weekly newspaper in 1932. What isn't so factual is the information depicted. It seems that a fraternity constructed a horseshoe pitching court and soon became a bit of a laughing stock. So much so, that this spoof of a cartoon was published. So what was a good laugh in 1932, got re-life and spoofed again, some 70 years later. Now you know the rest of the story.


  • if anyone is interested in researching a college in your area to see if there ever was horseshoe pitching on campus, just call the school's library and they will help with the research. Provide the report and copies of the documentation to me and we'll publish an article on your school. R.C. Dunn, 6417 Georgia Ave No, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428.
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